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My plan to construct the site, then just point the domain name to a site built using webserver address made the giant pathing problems.

I think your plan could still work because it's possible to change the path in the Showkase admin setup page after the site is built, then hit the setup button again and then republish. This might remove the need to do the search and replace. It could be worth updating the setup path anyway or Showkase might undo all of your changes when you republish again.

As you know, pathing issues can be tricky so take a good comprehensive backup before you hit the Setup button.



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Thanks for your suggestions.

We intend to add drag and drop ordering of pages in a future version. However it's a little complicated because some pages are children of other pages so it may be a while before we work out a solution that's simple for the user and works in all cases.

Pages hidden in the nav are shown in a paler blue color in the admin pages screen. At the moment there is no indication of hiding in the index pages – we'll take a look at that.


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Showkase tries to fit the whole height of the gallery into a web page. Sometimes this means it has to shrink the image.

You could try reducing the overall height of your logo by trimming some of the transparent pixels at the top and bottom. The logo is currently pushing the page content down by around 34px.

If you don't want to mess with your logo then you can fine tune the gallery fitting settings in the Site > Customize Theme screen under Gallery Pages. Please see the gallery fitting section in http://showkase.net/support/guide/#site for more details.

The problem for you at the moment is that the gallery fitting settings will affect all galleries so it could be difficult to find the optimum for the home page and all your other galleries. The next version of Showkase, due shortly, will allow you to adjust the gallery fitting for each page  independently.


A couple more ideas.

Do you have access to the server daily log – that's the long detailed one that shows every browser request and the server response? There might be some more information in there for the time the error occurred.

What are the permissions on the index.php file in the root?

Backup your index.php file, create a new index.php in a text editor with the following content and upload it to the root

print "Hello World";

If that one gives a 500 error then it's definitely something to do with the server and you should take it up with your server admin or helpdesk.

If it displays 'Hello World' in the browser then is there any difference in the permissions on this new index.php file and the old one that didn't work? Some servers will not run a php file if they think the permissions are not restricted enough to be secure.



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A workaround for this issue is to make sure there is at least one page with Show in Nav checked in the Page Customize screen.

The issue will be fixed in the next Showkase release.



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I looked at the source code for your page and it seems that your template may be out of date. This may be why the gallery fitting is not working.

Backup your old _themes folder and replace it with the latest one.

Set the Max Image Width and Max Image Height parameters in the Gallery and Image Fitting section of Customize Theme for your typical photo format, eg 960 and 450.

See how this works and then try Steven's suggestion.



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I could take a look at your server if you like – please email me via the forum.



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Currently there is only a manual image sort. Sorting by file name will be added in a future version.



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You can add your own css in the custom.css file (see http://showkase.net/support/customize/#custom).

So something like nav li should target all your list items and nav li.sk-last should pick-up the last ones.

If you hit any problems then Firebug is your friend or come back here if you need more specific help.



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I think I might need to take a look at your server. I don't have your email address so could you email me via the forum please.



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I'm thinking your site is set up with showkase admin in the web root and then three different language directories as below – yes?

Go to Showkase Admin > System > Setup

What path does it show under 'Path to your web site folder'?



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I would like to understand what's happening here but I'm on the move for a couple of days. Maybe we could take a look later in the week.



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Yes, I see what you mean. I always seem to get the temporary home page when I browse to http://www.LJ3.com/  but I get the real home page when I go to http://www.LJ3.com/index.php.

It might take a while to work out what's happening here. In the meantime please try this workaround. Most of the complexity in the original index.php file is there to work out which page is your home page. Since we know that yours is called 'Home', we should be able to replace the original index.php with something much simpler.

Rename the www.LJ3.com/index.php file to (say) index.bak.

Create a new index.php file in a text editor with the following content.

include 'Home/index.html';



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Happy to hear you were able to fix it.

We weren't able to reproduce this error on any of our test servers. We will take a good look at the code you identified to see how it's affected by the server setup.

Thanks for your detective work!



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Can you please post or email me a link to the sktest program on your server?

Can you look in your server logs for the time the error occurred and post an extract here?



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First backup everything on your client's server. Backup the Showkase installation on your own server – you won't be changing this but good to have a backup.

It's usually possible to copy the old Showkase installation to the new server, run Showkase setup again and republish. You can try this. However if something goes wrong then it may be hard to understand the problem so here is a safer step-by-step method.

Install Showkase on the new server and check it is all working.

Each of your web pages has its own folder with the name you gave it – copy one of the page folders from the old installation to the new.

Go to Showkase > System > Repairs and click Repair

The page should appear in the Showkase Pages screen.

Publish and check the page is ok.

If you get error messages about permissions then change the permission on the page folder and contents to 0777.

Move your other pages across in a similar way.



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The critical issue seems to be the first one, allowed memory size exhausted. This is the server memory that the script is allowed to allocate. Your server has a very low memory allocation of 12MB. The default setting in the current version of PHP is 128MB. Resizing images takes a lot of memory since the compressed jpg image needs to be expanded to full size first.

Ask your server support people if the php memory_limit directive can be increased, ideally to 128 Megabyte. Or if you have access to the php.ini file and know how to do it then you can change the directive yourself.

The other errors may be consequences of the memory error so let's try to fix the memory issue first.

To give me a little more information could you please post here or email me via the forum with the url for the Showkase server test on your server.



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Do you have access to the server logs? Either the server error log or (better) the detailed transaction log that shows every browser GET and POST request and the server response. Could you try an upload to trigger your error condition, note the time and then look in the server log for the time you triggered the error?

You can post an extract from the server log here or email me via the forum if you prefer.



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Kosel provides a set of 'websafe' fonts which are present on most users' computers plus one special webfont for headings. Anything further would require changes to the theme.

We've added some hints on custom styles and fonts in the showkase support docs – good knowledge of css required.