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I have currently running Showkase-Pro 1.0.2 | Build: 2013.

And i have a small problem and hope you can help me...

I take photos of medieval festivals... This festival are every year...

So when i create now a gallery for one festival which was already last year i have to extend den name with the year because it's not possible to create a second gallery with the same name.

Is it possible to say... ok... now we have 2014. i create a folder called "2014" on my webspace and when i create a gallery in showkase that this gallery will be created in the folder "2014"?

I hope you understand what i mean...

Is this possible or is it necessary to change the code for each gallery by hand?



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Sry for Highjacking this Topic...

Is there any update regarding sorting of images? It's annoying to sort 200 images by hand...



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I tried to implement the Google Analytics code into the  '_themes\kosel\pagetypes\layout.tpl' file...

But Google told me that the tracking is not implemented...

When will the next Showkase version released?



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small Update:

It works now... But i don't know why... i've uploaded 1000 images to different albums... everything works...

I've change nothing on the serverconfig, i've changed nothing in showkase, the albums are the same... everything is the same...

Maybe it's one of the following things:

* It's already late here (11pm) and maybe the server is a little bit more stable than 11am?
* My provider hates me or Showkase (or both ?)
* I didn't play ANNO ONLINE at the same time (but watched YouTube vids?)
* Kismet?

I will try to upload a image tomorrow 12am... Let's look if it works or not...

thanks for your help...


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I hope this is the right forum..

I have currently the problem that after uploading the images via Juciebox there are no images visible... i posted already in Topic where other person had the same problem.

So... until this problem is fixed i tried another step. I created the album via showkaseadmin and then i uploaded the images via ftp to my server.

Then i "Rebuild the Juciebox Gallery" via showkase Admin... It helps... i can see my images... BUT the are not sorted by filesnames. All my pictures are named like "City1.jpg, City2.jpg,..."

Its very annoying if i had to sort 2000 pictures splited up to 13 different albums by hand.

Can i sort the images also with other steps? Or is it necessary to created the Albums localy and then upload to my server?


best regards


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I have the same problem now...

Fresh install of Showkase(done yesterday)... But the upload won't work now...

I tried another browser... doesn't help...

What can i try? I'm not sure if i have access to any logfiles on my server... I have to contact my support... But this takes few days until i get a answer... (stupid support)



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Currently i have a shorter password. Without any non-alphanumeric characters.

I will try some passwords with these non-alphanumeric characters. Let's see which charakter will generate the problem...


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can i change the size of the visible album?

when you look here:


I have there few Juicebox album. when i open one of them then i need to scroll down to see the whole site. Always a part of the thumbnails below the picture is not visible.
Can i change the theme or album or whatever so that they will fit automatically to the size of the browser?

So that it's not possible to scroll up / down when viewing the album?



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Ok. small update...

I changed the password again and it looks like that my Showkase has a problem with charakters like "§$%&/()=! when i use it in the password.

I used a password without these charakters and currently i can login with Internet Explorer and Firefox...

is it possible that some of these charakters are a problem?


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Ok... problem is back again...

I made a complete new installation of Showkase...Because i was not able to upload any images... I changed the password... It works...BUT after logout, i'm not able to login...

Always the same problem "Incorrect user name or password"

Is it possible that Showkase doesn't like any special charakters in the password? Or is it with 50 charakters too long?

I will try tomorrow further steps. It's late here...



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i have a big problem with my Showkase...

I purchased it 2 Days ago... I installed it and tried already a little bit....

But today i have a huge problem... Maybe i'm a little bit stupid..

I tried to login with my user... But showkase told me "Incorrect user name or password"

So i tried the steps from the FAQ

ok.. now i can login and i can change the password... but after changing the password and moving the resetfile back to the folder where it comes from... i'm still not possible to login.

Is it possible that the password is too long? Or something else?

Or am i stupid?



edit: Update: I tried to change the password with Internet Explorer and it works. Before i tried it with FireFox and it won't.
So my problem is solved now... I hope so...


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Thanks for your reply...

Steven @ Showkase wrote:

*Can i make an album with password protection?

This can be achieved using .htaccess and .htpasswd files on your web server to protect individual pages (each of which is given a separate directory on your web server).

But there is no integrated security feature? Is there something planed?
Like a simple Usermanagement.

It's also not possible to hide a album or? It should not be visible but accessable.



I've planned to buy Showkase Pro Viewer Bundle but before i have some questions.

My hobby are Photos...

Currently i have a CMS running. It's good... but not what i really wanted.. Showkase looks like what i'm searching.
The current CMS has some features what i like and would like to have it also in Showkase. I hope some of these are possible:

* Can i make an Album like "2012" and below some other albums? So that the user can choose if they want to view the Photos of 2012 or 2013 and then they can choose an specific album? Because i have a lot of albums currently. And each year there will be like 30 or 40 new albums.

*Are there some restrictions about the amount of Albums?

*Can i make an album with password protection?

*What type of statistics are possible?

*Are there Logfiles available?

* Can i link to a specific album? I mean, currently i create an album in my CMS and then i post the link directly to the album on Facebook. So everybody can directly view the Photos and it's not necessary to browse through the different albums?

*Can i check or try some of these features on the demo sites?

I hope you can help me with my questions.

Thanks and best regards