Perfect, Steven.
Thanks much.

Hi Steven,

I've gotten rusty and am challenged by how to change the image in a ListViewer page (Boma theme) which I have setup as the Home page  <>

I figured that I would create a new page, tweak it and then make it the new Home screen but this isn't working. I create the new ListViewer page yet when I click Images... I get "You have no images for this page" and I can't see how to add them.

I tried uploading the desired image to the Library and adding its URL to the CKEditor but that is a) cumbersome to structure with a caption, and b) unlike the existing Home/ListViewer page which DOES have an image listed with options for Title, Caption, and link URL. Apparently, I have forgotten the technique and cannot find any reference in the User Guide.

I'd be grateful for your suggestions,

Showkase v1.7.6


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All I gotta say is that although the Showkase software is really nice... the Support is better than superb.

Steven, you take the cake. Thank you for sleuthing the problem in my site with mismatching Owner/Group settings and for acquainting me with a (free) tool to see this aspect of my directories (FileZilla).

The site is working smoothly now as expected.

Hats Off to You


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Php version is Php 5.3.19

Am told they will be upgrading this weekend :-)


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Thanks Stephen,

Am working my way down your list, however downloading website is 6-8 hours!

Is your email address at showkase dot-net or dot-com?

Much obliged


I find myself unable to save changes to my Showkase (v1.7.5) pages at

When I attempt to move a page "Gallery" to Hidden pages... and when I attempt to rename a page "Musalla al-Marwani-03" that I just imported from JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (v1.5.1)... then upon clicking Save, I receive the error message "Unknown JSON error" and the changes do not stick.

I can Publish (sadly, because the undesired versions are now public) but even after Logging Out and back In, I cannot make the desired changes.

Suggestions Please?

Thank you,

[Working in Firefox v82.0.2 on OS 10.13.6]

Good day.

I hope everyone is faring okay in these weird trying times.

I've been wondering lately if Showkase and Juicebox are still under active development? Neither have had an update in a mighty long time.

Thanks for any insights.


Thanks Steven,

What's your offline email so that I can send you access info?

Steven @ Showkase wrote:


Is this also where we would put javascript tracking code from, say, StatCounter?

Yes. If you want to include custom HTML code at the bottom of all your Showkase pages, then you could add it just before the closing </body> tag (on line 35) in the 'showkase/_themes/base/pagetypes/layout.tpl' file.
The line number above refers to the current version of Showkase (v1.4.0.1).

If you had pure JavaScript code (rather than HTML code such as JavaScript within <script> tags) which you wanted to appear in all pages, then you could add it to your theme's 'custom.js' file, for example 'showkase/_themes/kosel/js/custom.js'.

Incidentally, Showkase has built-in support for Google Analytics. You can enter your Web Property ID in the 'Site -> Google Analytics' section.

HAppy NEw YEar all,

Statcounter code does not appear to be publishing to new Password-protected pages. Is this known/expected behavior?



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That's great, Steven. As always, you are a Prince of Clarification.

I notice though that all the Full parameters are not available. After following your instructions (and purging the browser cache) the Toolbar has indeed expanded but just not fully. For example, in my 'ckeditorconfig.js' file

{ name: 'paragraph', items : [ 'NumberedList','BulletedList','-','Outdent','Indent','-','Blockquote','CreateDiv','-','JustifyLeft','JustifyCenter','JustifyRight','JustifyBlock','-','BidiLtr','BidiRtl' ] },

suggests that the Toolbar has justification options but these never appear.

Only the first 5 items are available in my site's editor: Lists, Indents, and Blockquote.

Can you help me further unleash the powers that lie within?


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Hi Steven and Fellow Compatriots,

I have two queries.

1) Trying to stylize text in a Gallery (ListViewer Page), I cannot get CKEditor to display its full toolbar as promised by their User Manual … ce/Toolbar. Is this disabled by design?

2) I notice that the Library Upload fails to recognize PDFs. I searched the User Guide in vain for a list of acceptable file types to include in Showkase. I can certainly create and include an external link for the PDF but I thought that it would be opportune to solicit clarification from you on this matter.



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Steven @ Showkase wrote:

Just download the CS2 - CS6 version. The files are exactly the same as the CC 2015 version. It's just the method of packaging the files that differs.)

Thanks for this info, Steven. I tried the link but saw only one option: "Product: Photoshop. Version: CS6 - CC (2015)"

Might you advise how to unpack for CS5?




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Thanks. This helps.
I cannot wait to experiment


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Fascinating thought. Can you give us an idea (at your leisure) of how we might go about experimenting with this Gallery Manager without changing our Site's theme and mucking things up? I confess to being a bit leary of theme changes since they are site-wide. I searched the User Guide but failed to find much on the subject.



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Thanks Steven,

As inconveniences go, this is really minor. But it really helps me to see this Log, especially when there are security improvements.

Thrive On!


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Thank you for continuing to improve ShowKase!

The following message arrived 3 days ago:

> I have recently updated some files associated with Showkase
Standard.  They're yours for free.

I downloaded the package but can find no Change Log anywhere, not within the package, nor in the ShowKase-Version History page, nor in this Forum. The information is important for me to evaluate whether or not to upgrade immediately and to help me take advantage of whatever changes were implemented.

Please provide some sort of change list along with updates.

Steven, you are a Wizard!

Yes, I've wanted to keep the Nav as uncluttered as possible and therefore made it hidden.

I implemented your suggestion and it works like a charm.


The issue is that the Showkase site defaults to a Gallery Index Page with Nav Order #1, instead of the List Viewer Page I created specifically for this purpose, with Nav Order #0. This browsing on a Mac in Firefox v41, Safari v5.1, and Chrome v45, as well as IOS.

This behavior is contrary to the description in the User Guide:

The home page is the first item in the showkase menu. Decide which page type you want to use, create the page and change the Nav order setting in the customize screen to zero. This will move it to the top of the list. If you change your mind then move another page to the top of the list by changing the nav order settings.

Alas, Publishing did not solve the first problem.

But posting a link to this Forum seems to be working now ;-)


I followed the instructions in the Guide for changing the Showkase Home Page but when browsing am defaulting to the page with Nav Order=1 instead of the page with Nav Order=0

Maybe this pertains to the fact that I haven't been using "Publish?" My pages have been updating just fine by clicking the Update button so I haven't bothered to Publish.

Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject(s).

PS(I'm getting warnings when I enter a link into this posting, both when entering plain text or when typing with the BBCode tag)

Understood. Thank you for clearing up my misconception.
Please mark this matter solved

Thanks Steven,

I must be harboring a misconception. I thought that in order to take advantage of the ios9-savvy meta viewport tag, I'd have to republish the galleries in either JuiceboxBuilder-Pro or, more centrally, by updating in Showkase with the Juicebox Pro Viewer.

If I understand you correctly, the two methods are not identical in gallery creation or updating. To incorporate the new meta viewport tag, I must republish in JBPro.

Grateful as always for your support and illumination.


I followed the instructions to install the new hotfix on my server by replacing the jbcore folder... but the Juicebox-Pro version number has not updated in Showkase v1.4.0's  Site>CustomizeViewers

Is this normal? I'd expect this info to update when I logout and log back in.



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Steven @ Showkase wrote:


If you want to add custom content to the footer, then you could open the 'showkase/_themes/base/pagetypes/layout.tpl' file in a plain text editor and add your custom HTML code before the closing </footer> tag on line 31.

If you want to add custom content to the foot of a Gallery Index page, then you could open the 'showkase/_themes/base/pagetypes/galleryindex.tpl' file in a plain text editor and add your custom HTML code before the closing {/block} tag on line 23.

Is this also where we would put javascript tracking code from, say, StatCounter?



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Request: No more cropped thumbnails in Juicebox and Showkase.

I understand the requirement for square thumbnails from a programming standpoint, and I appreciate the available workaround for custom horizontal and vertical formats. However neither solution suits the admixture of horizontal, square, and vertical compositions which I offer to the public.

My pain point aesthetically with this web solution is that images are shoe-horned into a square crop. I submit that this is a severe misrepresentation of our photographs.

I will live with this shortcoming, but not siliently.

Please put some engineering muscle into a solution that maintains our photographs' proportionality.  Centring with irregular padding (hence dead space) would be far superior to the current implementation of blindly forcing our rectangular images into square holes.

Thanks for listening, and for so many wonderful incremental improvements.