Topic: still under active development?

Good day.

I hope everyone is faring okay in these weird trying times.

I've been wondering lately if Showkase and Juicebox are still under active development? Neither have had an update in a mighty long time.

Thanks for any insights.


Re: still under active development?

Thanks for your query!

Showkase and Juicebox are, indeed, still actively being developed and supported (although it certainly has been a while since the last release of either product).

The next versions of both will likely be bugfix releases (rather than major new versions introducing new features) but, unfortunately, I really do not know when this might be and any estimate I give could turn out to be wholly inaccurate.

I'm sorry I cannot give you any more news at the moment (like what to expect in the next versions or when they will be released).
All I can do just now is reassure you that both products are still alive and kicking!