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Even though I had the permissions right, I was not able to get into the admin page. So I decided to reinstall. The easiest thing was for me to delete the entire bobsgallery folder from ssh. I then recreated the folder. It is a subdomain, hopefully that attribute has been retained.

I then uploaded a new installation using the instructions from readme.html that comes with a new Showkase installation. I uploaded the .htaccess file from my backup.

bobsgallery comes up as a new Showkase site telling me to go to admin to set it up.

But I cannot get into admin:
You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Changing permissions of .htaccess to 777 does not help. Clearing Chrome's cache does not help. I'm stuck... so sorry.


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I found that I can set it the same as recommended by Wordpress: All folders 755 and all files to 644. This works and I think is the best I can do security-wise.


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Dear Steven: Thanks for your quick reply. If necessary, you've given me a recipe that will allow me to start from scratch but return my settings.

It was permissions! However, the only way I can get it to function is to make all file and folder permissions be 777, which we know is dangerous. 666 does not work, 664 does not work . 644 does not work. If I recall, Some combination of folders set to one permission and files set to another permission can work. What settings do you suggest? Thanks.


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Hi, guys. It's been a while. My site was fine until something got messed up.

Here is the address so you can see the top menu is not showing up correctly. http://bobsgallery.digido.com

If you can't diagnose this, I'm happy to reinstall and try again from scratch. And purchase or upgrade to the latest version of Showkase.

Using Cpanel I can copy folders from online to my desktop, but I'm not sure how I could get that data back, short of importing each image and recreating all the categories.


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I just discovered if I make "show thumbs auto" then it automatically resizes the photo to as large as possible when it hides the thumbs. Very nice! (So no need to limit the thumbs rows).

You are right (of course). I was mistaken. Hitting ESC returns you to the regular menu from full screen. I must have been looking at the wrong thing. I really like this new functionality... the Gallery looks great!


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Dear Steven: One more question....   After pressing the "expand" button, I see the message "press ESC to exit full screen". I would like to change that message to "press the expand button again to exit full screen" because that will make the menu reappear. Pressing ESC takes you out of full screen but does not make the menu bar reappear. Unless you have a magic way of making that happen.


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Excellent support message! Many thanks for the advice. I upgraded my Showkase, reduced the negative value of external fit to -25. What would be the negative consequences (if any) of using such a low value? I did not see any bad effect on larger monitors? Please take a look at bobsgallery.digido.com on a small 15" monitor and do you have any suggestions on how to make better use of that space, get the largest main image (at 100% magnification in the browser) yet still know there are thumbnails to be viewed? I could make my signature logo smaller and/or try to tighten the space between the logo and the next text but I don't know how....

Best wishes,


Steven @ Showkase wrote:

I'm glad to hear that you've been able to resolve your problem. Thank you for letting me know.

As far as I am aware, there are no known security issues within Showkase so there should be no need to use a third-party software package to protect a Showkase site.

Just make sure that you have a strong password for your Showkase admin login and, if you are worried about spambots harvesting information from a 'Contact' page, then edit the 'Contact' page in question, scroll down to the 'Spam Prevention' section and make sure that both the 'Robots noindex' and 'Hide email address' checkboxes are selected (to dissuade search engines from indexing the 'Contact' page and to obfuscate your email address respectively).

I have not used Wordfence myself but there may be a way to make an exception for a certain directory (or directories) which might avoid the need to actually move your Showkase site's files out of Wordfence's way. It might be worth looking into.

Also, I notice that you are currently using Showkase v1.3.5.
You might like to consider upgrading to the latest version (v1.7.3) as v1.3.5 is now over 3 years old and there have been 12 official releases since then (with many bugfixes and new features). Please see the Version History page for details.
Upgrades are free within the same major version number so you can download v1.7.3 using your original download link. (Download links always point towards the latest version rather than the version you purchased.)
You can find full instructions for upgrading a Showkase site on the Upgrading Showkase support page. (Please be sure to make a complete backup of your existing site first, just in case anything goes wrong and you need to reinstate your original files at a later date.)

Incidentally, I notice that you use an 'External fit px' value of '-300' on your Juicebox gallery pages.
This gives the main images in your gallery pages very little room to be displayed on a smallish screen (like a 15" laptop).
A smaller negative value should result in a better visitor experience across different screen sizes.

I hope these notes help.


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I fixed it! I had to move the subdomain out of protection from Wordfence by moving it out of public_html. So, is there any good way to protect a Showkase from spammers or malicious guys?


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Hello, Steven! Glad to see Showkase is up, alive and well! Long time no see! I moved my gallery to a new server a couple of years ago and haven't made changes to it since. It's bobsgallery.digido.com.

I've decided to upload some new images for the first time since moving to this new server and have an Http error. The image appears to upload fine, 100% and then it shows the yellow error triangle next to it with 0% and when I mouse over the triangle it says "Http error". I've tried "html 5 upload" "basic upload" and "flash upload" and get the same error with each method. I then switched from Chrome on the Mac to Safari and got the same problem so it isn't browser-specific.

I then tried the server compatibility test, and it passed all tests fine. To run the server compatibility test,  since I already have a working Showkase site, I temporarily moved the showcase root level files (not the folders) into a temporary folder to hide the php and put the contents of the sktest folder at the root level. This ran the test as soon as I went to bobsgallery,digido.com. Then I restored the gallery and all appears to be working except for the upload problem. I've done everything I can think of. I do recall having some issues with permissions long ago, but momentarily changing EVERYTHING to 777 (not a good idea but worth a check) did not fix it. So it looks like I have a problem I can't fix myself....sorry.

OH, one more thing. I now have a Wordpress site, the main site digido.com which is protected by Wordfence and Wordfence is apparently protecting everything that is in public_html including the bobsgallery.digido.com subdomain. So maybe Wordfence is preventing the upload? Which is strange since the server compatibility test including making files and folders, checking "sessions" and passed all that.


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Thanks, Steven!


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I'd like to have a save and load presets for Juicebox galleries. Every time I add a new gallery to my site I would like to at least start with the same parameters as the previous gallery, but ideally to open named presets. When I make a new Juicebox page, many of the settings remain the same as the previous, but mysteriously others return to what I assume are defaults.

While we're waiting for this feature, is there a way to alter the default that Juicebox uses each time you make a new page?



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I tried external fit px a zillion times and it did not work and suddenly it does. Negative values move the footer up on the page! Why didn't it work before? I get instant response after hitting publish on this without having to redo the browser cache. Things are looking up. I'm going to try thumbs at bottom again.


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Steven wrote: "Having said that, you might like to try the following suggestion.
Open the '_themes/kosel/js/custom.js' file in a plain text editor and add the following code:"

That's fantastic! It worked right away the first time. I'm really psyched as I definitely prefer arrow keys to the mouse for navigation.


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Sorry, Steven, my bad! I did make the mistake of not clearing the browser cache. Will this also clear the cached xml file?

Dear Steven. Thanks for your always-considerate replies. It turned out to be a newbie error on my part. I did not clear the browser cache. I should have known better!


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Doing landscapes and panoramas, I'm looking for my users to be able to see giant images if they have a large screen and drag the browser window size larger. The image expansion effect when dragging the window larger is quite impressive. If I use gallery height small enough (e.g. 800 px) to move the thumbs close to the bottom of the image, then the image will not expand to the full size of the browser. Only by setting gallery height to 100% can I get that wonderful effect of "infinite image expand". The footer is currently a lost cause in these conditions as the footer seems to be affected by the image size, whether the gallery is in percent height mode or pixel height mode. And the thumbs staying locked to the bottom of the image is a lost cause in this mode, too. I'm now considering putting thumbs at right side of image until we figure out a solution to this issue.

Note also that by setting gallery height to 100% then the site subhead text seems to remain undisturbed through an update/publish cycle.


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There's a conflict between the "Publish" button, the site subhead and the gallery height (in the embed options). Here's the sequence of the "bug":
1) Change site subhead to read "Like Cinemascope? Mouseover image, click on Expand Icon --> full screen. Arrow keys change slides."
2) Update, publish
3) Subhead reads correctly
4) Tweak gallery height in embed options to fix the thumbs which migrated to the bottom of the page
5) Subhead loses the words "Mouseover image". Strange... this was a previous subhead I had a while back. Is this a database issue?
6) Try again... the sequence is a Catch-22. Sorry....

Yes, I can confirm that changing the gallery height also changes the text of the site subhead....


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Hi again! By editing Gallery height in index.html I can get the thumbs sufficiently close to the bottom of the image, but the copyright footer will disappear when expanding the window (by dragging). I find if I edit the page parameters in Showkase the thumbs will revert to the bottom of a big window. I then have to edit index.html's height parameter and just refresh the screen and the thumbs will move back up. It's as if index.html is not inspected all the time.

Steven, please visit bobsgallery.digido.com on a big screen (27") and drag the window large and small and watch how the copyright line disappears off the bottom when stretching big. In Sarah Lee's page   http://showkase.net/demos/sarahlee/ocean-2/

the copyright is always on screen. But she's not using such large images and they don't expand much compared to mine. But still it seems that the gallery is using a lot more blank space than necessary.


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OK, I'm learning by doing. Thanks for your patience. By putting the button bar in the overlay and setting the timeout to 2 seconds the button bar will disappear after any mouse inactivity. So now I can vertically align the image to top. Is there any way to have instant keyboard focus so the user can use the arrow keys to change slides without first having to click on an image?

All that's left now is to see if I can get the thumbs just below the image instead of anchored all the way at the bottom of the page! Would be nice, for smaller screens, etc. To avoid vertical scrolling.


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Hi again, Steven. Newbie Bob here again. Can you please tell me how to get rid of the black area below the caption? It was not there in my previous gallery exported from Lightroom.



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I got rid of the stubborn back button by making a new page in Showkase directly and importing images directly in Showkase. I'm good with this approach! Except I have to manually enter the captions where previously they were entered from the metadata in Lightroom.


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I'm starting a new topic because a back button has suddenly reappeared and I cannot remove it. It also has a bad link. At some point I had created a back button called "home". At bobsgallery.digido.com you can see this "home" button.

Perhaps I should bite the bullet and just create a new gallery from scratch within Showkase. But since the back button function is only available as a viewer customization I'm wondering if this is just a generic problem with the imported Juicebox Pro Gallery I brought in from Lightroom. I tried changing the viewer to list viewer and then back to Juicebox Pro but this did not help. The "Home button is still there.


Aha, I found "logo max width"...  things are looking better.

I changed "Bob Katz: Photographer" to a signature image and have similar issues. No matter how large I make the image in photoshop, it looks very small at most browser window sizes. If I shrink the window very small, the image jumps to the giant size of its native size. Is it possible to have control over the base size of the image used for the site heading?


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Could we please think about an additional image import option?

I'm just thinking about saving space and labor. To avoid having to make extra copies of a jpeg and then chase it and erase it. A direct path from Lightroom to export a jpeg into Showkase's import module would help. I think that would require a Lightroom plugin!

There is, unfortunately, no drag and drop from Lightroom into another app that I know of, and anyway, until you export, the Lightroom image doesn't really exist in the form you want.


Bob Katz