Showkase does a lot of what svManager does and a whole lot more. Showkase has a much improved user-interface and supports building a complete website, including non-gallery pages.

Showkase for svManager Users

There are a number of key differences between the two applications:

  • Showkase can build a whole website. So a move to Showkase could be a great opportunity to give your site a new look. This is arguably the easiest way to upgrade to Showkase and your new site will look great on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. On the other hand, if you are happy with your existing site then Showkase can manage your gallery pages in a similar way to svManager.
  • Showkase offers a choice of themes which define the look of your web pages. The Gallery Manager theme is a minimalist design that supports full-screen galleries and a gallery index page. In fact it produces pages rather similar to svManager.
  • Showkase can be installed in the web root folder of your server or in a subdirectory. Each Showkase web page is saved in a sub-folder of the Showkase install folder.
  • Showkase pages are a regular index.html page inside the page folder. SvManager pages are index.php.
  • Showkase can import existing Juicebox and SimpleViewer galleries from anywhere on your server and copy them to the correct location. The originals will not be changed.

Converting Your Whole Site to Showkase

  1. Back-up your whole web site and svManager installation to a safe location.
  2. Install Showkase either in the web root folder of your web server or in a sub-folder
  3. Log into Showkase and learn to use it. Create a few pages and try the different themes.
  4. Choose a theme and customize it to your liking
  5. Trash any experimental pages and import your existing galleries into Showkase.
  6. Publish your new web site
  7. If you have installed Showkase in a sub-folder then copy the home page index.php file to the web root
  8. Delete any old files that are no longer needed or move them to a backup location.
  9. Take another backup.

Existing Website with Full-screen Galleries

Note that Juicebox and SimpleViewer Pro provide a back button that you can use to connect galleries into your existing site.

  1. Back-up your whole web site and svManager installation to a safe location.
  2. Install Showkase in a new sub-folder
  3. Log into Showkase and switch to the Gallery Manager theme.
  4. Import your existing galleries (Site > Import)
  5. Customize the Gallery Manager theme to your liking (Site > Customize Theme)
  6. Publish the new pages
  7. Update the navigation links in your existing pages to go to the Showkase gallery index page or to individual galleries.
  8. Delete your old galleries or move them to a backup location
  9. Backup again

Existing Website with Embedded Galleries

Customized installations of svManager will need to be thought-through individually. We can only offer limited support for complex customized installations. Alternatively convert your whole site to Showkase by following the instructions above.