Showkase is currently on version 1.7.6. Find out how to upgrade to the latest version.

Version 1.7.6 [25 March 2021]

  • Compatible with PHP 8
  • Updates to latest versions of Smarty, PHPMailer, jsTree and CKEditor.
  • Upgraded Bebas Neue font to version 2 with more accented characters.

Version 1.7.5 [3 April 2020]

  • New option to use latest version of Google Analytics
  • Compatible with latest release of PHP 7.4
  • Fixed option to show/hide the gallery index image in the gallery itself sometimes has no effect.
  • Fixed gallery index page thumbnails can be too small for very wide sites.
  • Updated to latest versions of PHPMailer, Smarty, CKEditor, jQuery UI, Plupload and jsTree

Version 1.7.4 [20 October 2018]

  • Fixed bulleted list in body text not indented
  • Fixed Juicebox version not showing in Customize Viewers and Change Viewers screens.
  • Fixed uploader shows green success icon after an error.
  • Fixed PHP memory limit of -1 (unlimited) not recognised. Memory test default increased to 128M.
  • Fixed medium multi-size image can be overwritten by a smaller image.
  • Updated Smarty template engine to 3.1.33 for better compatibility with PHP 7.2

Version 1.7.3 [22 March 2018]

  • Faster publishing for sites with large numbers of galleries
  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes remain when image is deleted
  • Fixed warning message when setting up https site

Version 1.7.2 [5 December 2017]

  • Compatible with PHP 7.1 and 7.2

Version 1.7.1 [15 September 2017]

  • Updated to Juicebox 1.5.1
  • SimpleViewer has been retired but is still supported for existing galleries
  • Corrected some theme colors
  • Fixed problem with ctrl-drag in pages screen
  • Fixed inconsistent default page layout setting in Boma theme
  • Updated CKEditor to version 4.7

Version 1.7.0 [30 May 2017]

  • New ‘Featured Image’ option for Listviewer splashes first image at full page width.
  • New theme option to upload an image for the gallery index page and hide it in the gallery itself.
  • New look for page text editor.
  • Added support for older Windows servers using UNC paths.
  • Fixed some Juicebox colors and button styles not showing correctly.
  • Upgrades to jQuery 1.12.4, Plupload 2.3.1, jsTree 3.3.4, Smarty 3.1.30 and CKEditor 4.6.2.

Version 1.6.1 [7 June 2016]

  • Fixed multiple backslashes in saved paths (Windows servers only).

Version 1.6.0 [1 June 2016]

  • Upgraded to Juicebox 1.5.0
  • A navigation link page can now be grouped under another page.
  • Improved handling of hidden gallery index pages.

Version 1.5.0 [21 March 2016]

  • Completely new pages screen with drag and drop for page order, hidden pages and trash.
  • New System menu Recover option to recover trashed pages
  • Customize screens have collapsible sections to simplify data entry
  • Customize screens have buttons to reset each option back to the default
  • New Listviewer options to show titles and captions side-by-side with images
  • Easier entry of longer image captions in Listviewer
  • Gallery index pages can now have a page title
  • Updates to Smarty 3.1.29, CKEditor 4.5.7, jQuery 1.12.1

Version 1.4.3 [29 January 2016]

  • Essential update for compatibility with the new PHP 7
  • Also recommended for users running PHP 5 to ensure future compatibility

Version 1.4.2 [15 December 2015]

  • Maribo nav now compatible with background images
  • Maribo default font now works with https pages
  • Fixed uploader changes file size even if resize is turner off.
  • Removed Flash uploader option – not needed with modern browsers.
  • Improved tooltips and user messages

Version 1.4.1 [26 October 2015]

  • Improved password security for recent versions of PHP
  • Optional image count for gallery index pages
  • Theme style improvements
  • Juicebox pages updated for IOS 9
  • Contact form now compatible with DMARC validation system
  • Image size defaults more consistent
  • Fixed flash of content before juicebox gallery loads
  • Fixed gallery fitting not available in Maribo pages
  • Fixed error message in change all viewers

Version 1.4.0 [9 September 2015]

  • Added Maribo Theme. Maribo is a new, clean, minimalist theme using Open Sans from Google Fonts with large type sizes and an open layout.
  • Added optional social media icon options for footers.
  • Added contact form option for contact page. Requires php mail support on the server.
  • Updated to Juicebox
  • Pages screen UI improvements
  • Library and browse library screens have a more helpful messaging
  • Change Theme screen has been altered to make current theme more obvious
  • Removed redundant FotoMoto settings
  • Corrected some outdated default settings
  • New versions of 3rd party software widgets

Version 1.3.6 [12 February 2015]

  • Upgraded to Juicebox
  • Fixed Juicebox pages not responding to screen width in IOS 8

Version 1.3.5 [30 January 2015]

  • Upgraded to Juicebox 1.4.3
  • Upgraded jQuery, jQuery UI, Plupload, CKEditor to latest versions
  • Fixed library browse returns http on https sites

Version 1.3.4 [30 September 2014]

  • More efficient use of server memory allows more galleries in one web site.
  • Increase time limit for publishing large websites (if allowed by server).

Version 1.3.3 [11 September 2014]

  • Additional checks and error messages for users who move the install directory.
  • Medium image size quality settings now 80 for consistency with other sizes.
  • Fix for Showkase Lite Juicebox images screen set multiple titles, captions and links.

Version 1.3.2 [3 July 2014]

  • Support for changes to Flickr API
  • Upgraded to Juicebox 1.4.2
  • Upgraded to SimpleViewer 2.3.2

Version 1.3.1 [6 June 2014]

  • New thumbnail sort screen
  • Upgraded to Juicebox 1.4.1
  • Support for multi-size images in Juicebox Pro
  • Support for Purchase URL in Juicebox Pro
  • Support for minimal-ui in iPhone IOS 7
  • Theme updates for mobile devices

Version 1.3.0 [21 April 2014]

  • Improved support for Asian characters in nav names
  • Added resize quality setting to upload screens
  • New theme customize option. Navigation home link can be removed if a link on the logo is preferred
  • Contact page anti-spam options
  • Improved gallery fitting allows for spacing differences in pro viewers
  • New Juicebox 1.4 Pro viewer options
  • New child themes feature makes new themes easier to create and maintain
  • All theme html and css optimized and made more modular
  • Boma theme auto-hides the navigation in small screens
  • Added links for custom javascript
  • Custom color scheme border color now affects all borders
  • Removed fade transition on gallery index page thumbnails – incompatible with Chrome browser
  • Zero theme is now deprecated and will not be updated
  • Fixed italic text option in editor rendered as bold
  • Fixed problems with links in Listviewer image title
  • Fixed path problems in older Windows servers
  • Upgrades to Juicebox, Smarty, Plupload and URLify

Version 1.2.0 [9 December 2013]

  • Boma and Kosel theme settings for gallery fitting, body text layout and background images can now be overridden for individual pages
  • Gallery Manager theme settings for background images can be overridden for individual pages.
  • Faster loading of Juicebox and SimpleViewer galleries by cacheing the javascript code
  • Includes Juicebox 1.3.3
  • Updates to WYSIWYG editor and template engine
  • Fixed white dotted border appearing below Juicebox splash screen
  • Removed support for Showkase presets (customize viewer or individual page instead)
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer 6

Version 1.1.0 [13 August 2013]

  • Added support for variable number of index page thumbnails columns and size.
  • Added new 'Gallery Manager' theme to manage galleries in an existing web site.
  • Added page background image options.
  • Added choice of image to use as the index page thumbnail
  • Added more image sort options for galleries
  • Added better viewer settings controls.
  • Added support for importing Juicebox and SimpleViewer galleries.
  • Added recovering trashed Showkase pages.
  • Added gallery image links can be opened in a new window/tab
  • Added support for IPTC title and description meta data embedded in images
  • Added new options for Listviewer galleries
  • Added page body layout options for galleries and basic pages
  • Added drop shadow options for gallery image page thumbnails
  • Upgraded all third party code to latest versions

Version 1.0.5 [25 June 2013]

  • Upgraded Juicebox to 1.3.2
  • Fixed lower case type descenders clipped in Kosel header for some fonts

Version 1.0.4 [9 May 2013]

  • Added support for Juicebox 1.3.1
  • Added search engine text in Juicebox and SimpleViewer pages
  • Added OpenGraph tags
  • Extended language support for navigation names

Version 1.0.3 [8 April 2013]

  • Text input fields now accept special characters and html entities
  • Improved home page selection for special cases such as links and hidden pages
  • Fixed problems with some servers that pass the session id in the url
  • Fixed gallery sometimes has reduced height when returning from fullscreen mode
  • Fixed php error when all web pages are hidden in the navigation
  • Fixed Kosel nav menu items with spaces split across lines in Chrome browser
  • Fixed Kosel thumbnail caption font cannot be changed

Version 1.0.2 [26 Feb 2013]

  • Added Google analytics support in Site Settings
  • Added gallery fitting adjustments to Customize Theme
  • Added change text color icon to WYSIWYG editor toolbar
  • Added Showkase favicons
  • ListViewer image alt attributes now contain image title
  • Image upload creates thumbnails for new images only, rebuild re-creates all thumbnails
  • Improved error reporting for problems during thumbnail creation
  • Home page can not be a child page
  • Fix for some servers reporting current working directory relative to web root not server root
  • Fixed home page problem for subdirectory install
  • Improved home page index.php for Windows servers

Version 1.0.1 [20 Dec 2012]

  • Fixed possible set_time_limit warning on uploading images
  • Fixed Kosel nav icon placement
  • Fixed theme hover colors and fonts
  • Improved default colors for Boma and Kosel themes
  • Admin label updates
  • Removed extraneous viewer options from Page Customize tab
  • Added Logo max width option in Kosel theme customize screen

Version 1.0.0 [14 Dec 2012]

  • Bon Voyage!