Topic: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

I have installed my jbcore folder from Juicebox-Pro into the appropriate folder ShowKase according to instructions. And, upon inspection, it is there. But, the Pro options do not work and the logo is still there.

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

The instructions for Upgrading to Pro should work fine so please try again.

Here's an expanded set of instructions:

(1) Extract the file to your hard drive and you'll find the Pro jbcore folder in this location: juicebox_pro_1.5.1/web/jbcore (Please double-check that you are using the Juicebox-Pro zip file and not the Juicebox-Lite zip file.)

(2) Navigate to the showkase/admin/plugins/juicebox/master/ directory on your web server and delete the existing jbcore folder there (showkase/admin/plugins/juicebox/master/jbcore). (This saves you from having to check if your FTP program is set to overwrite existing files in Step #3 below.)

(3) Upload the jbcore folder from Step #1 above (juicebox_pro_1.5.1/web/jbcore) to the showkase/admin/plugins/juicebox/master/ directory on your web server.

(4) Republish your site (click the 'Publish' button). (Juicebox galleries within a Showkase site are not updated until the site is republished.)

(5) Clear your browser's cache before reloading your gallery pages. (This will ensure that your browser is not still using older cached files from prior to the republishing.)

Incidentally, if you are not already using the current version of Showkase (v1.7.4), then please upgrade. There was a bug (which was fixed in v1.7.4) which prevented the correct version of Juicebox being displayed in 'Site -> Customize Viewers' and 'Site -> Change Viewers'. (This did not affect any functionality but could be confusing.)
Full instructions can be found on the Upgrading Showkase support page.
For reference, a list of changes between version can be found on the Version History page.

I hope this helps.

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

Thanks for the detailed instructions, however, I do not think they are working.
I have deleted the formerly installed jbcore from the showkase and re-installed the jbcore from the JuiceBox-Pro downloaded folder.
Result: I published some empty pages and found the Juicebox logo in the lower right corner, and the JuiceBox-lite viewer in the Customize Viewer panel.

The Juicebox-lite version is 1.5.1
The Juicebox-Pro version is 1.5.1
The Showkase version is 1.7.4

Publishing made no change to the Custom Viewer page, nor to the appearance of the logo on the published pages.

What is next?

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

Please post the URL to your Showkase site so that I can take a look at your galleries and files for myself.
I might see something that will help.

Otherwise, it would help if I had access to both your Showkase site and web server so, if you are agreeable to this, please send me your Showkase login details (admin URL, username and password) and FTP login details (host, username and password) and I'll investigate further and hopefully figure out what's going wrong. (You already have my email address.)

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

I have sent you an email with the login info you requested. Let me know if it works.

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

Email received, thank you. I've sent you a reply.

Re: upgrade to Pro failed [SOLVED]

Problem solved via email. (Web hosting file structure issue.)