Topic: Problem to upload [SOLVED]

Hello, it s make a long time I use showkase, and i can say it a very powerfull tools.

But less yesterday I have a problem.

If i upload pictures, i have a message

uncompressed image .................. exceeds .... MB in thumbnail.php line 62

I installed the last version ohf shokase, so the 1.7.3 but it the same.
I try to change the line 27 

: ini_get('memory_limit');    TO     '1024'     but it doesn t work.

I don t now what to do now. Thanks for help

Re: Problem to upload [SOLVED]

It certainly sounds like the -1 memory_limit issue noted in this thread.

If the problem just happened suddenly without you changing anything yourself, then it is very likely that something changed on your web server.
Please check in with your web host and ask them if they have changed anything on your hosting account recently and, if so, what.

Also, please confirm what your PHP memory_limit is currently set to.
Better still, if you could post the link to a phpinfo() file so that I can take a look at your PHP settings, that your would great, thanks.

  • Create a new file in a plain text editor with the following code: <?php phpinfo(); ?>

  • Save the file with a .php file extension (for example, 'phpinfo.php').

  • Upload the file to your web server.

  • Copy the URL to the file in a post below..

When implementing the workaround I posted in the other thread (link above), please make sure that lines 25 to 27 inclusive of the 'admin/classes/thumbnail.php' file are exactly as follows:

$memoryLimit = (ini_get('memory_limit') == '')
    : '1024M';

Hopefully my notes above will point us in the right direction and be a step closer to solving your problem.
If the problem persists, I would be more than happy to investigate further but it would help if I had access to your web server. If this proves to be necessary and you are agreeable, then I'll send you an email address where you can forward to me your FTP login credentials. Thank you.

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Re: Problem to upload [SOLVED]

ohhhhhhhhh i m so sorry ! I read the thread an make it, it I write 1024 and not 1024M !!

Thanks, it work now !!!

Have a nice day

Re: Problem to upload [SOLVED]

I'm glad you've got things working again until the official fix in the next version.
Thank you for letting me know.

Re: Problem to upload [SOLVED]

The bug noted above (regarding a PHP memory_limit value of -1) has now been fixed in Showkase v1.7.4 which has just been released.
Please see the Version History page for a full list of changes between versions. (The Version History page will be updated very soon in the next website refresh.)
Full instructions for downloading the latest version and upgrading a Showkase site can be found in the Upgrading Showkase support page.

Upgrades are free within the same major version number so if you purchased Showkase v1.0.0 (for example), then you can download all v1.x.x releases at no further cost.
Download links always point towards the most recent version that you are entitled to (rather than the version you purchased), so you can use your original download link from your purchase email to download the latest version.

Upgrading a Showkase site should be a quick and easy process (instructions in the link above) but please be sure to make a full backup of your site first, just in case anything goes wrong and you need to reinstate your original files at a later date.