Topic: Juicebox not showing as "Pro" [SOLVED]


I have two sites, both with Showkase installs and have installed Juicebox-Pro 1.5.1 on both.
On one site it shows correctly as "Juicebox-Pro 1.5.1" but on the other site it only shows "Juicebox"

Both seem to have pro features working fine but it just bothers me that they are not the same. Am I correct in that it should say, "Juicebox-Pro 1.5.1"?

I've uploaded to jbcore (pro) to:


Re: Juicebox not showing as "Pro" [SOLVED]

It looks like you've found a small bug.
After installing Juicebox-Pro to Showkase-Standard, the label on the 'Site -> Customize Viewers' tab should change from just "Juicebox" to "Juicebox-Pro 1.5.1".
Thank you for reporting this issue.

I've contacted the developers who will hopefully fix this for the next release.

In the meantime, I think I've found the root of the problem (Showkase being unable to read the Juicebox version number from the 'juicebox.js' file under PHP 7.1.0 and above) and you might like to implement the following fix manually. I've tested it myself (under PHP 5.6.36 and 7.2.7) and it seems to work fine.

Open your site's 'showkase/admin/classes/themeset.php' file in a plain text editor and change line 229 from:

$docBlock = file_get_contents($sourcePath, false, NULL, -1, 50);

... to:

$docBlock = file_get_contents($sourcePath, false, NULL, 0, 50);

(The problem seems to have happened with a change in PHP 7.1.0 so if you are running a version of PHP prior to 7.1.0, you will not see the problem.)

Please note that the line number above refers to the current version of Showkase (v1.7.3).

I hope this helps to fix the problem until the developers are able to incorporate it into the next release.

Incidentally, when installing Juicebox-Pro into Showkase-Standard, you need only copy the Pro 'jbcore' folder to the 'admin/plugins/juicebox/master/' location (overwriting the existing Juicebox-Lite 'jbcore' folder). On next publishing your site, Showkase will automatically copy the 'jbcore' folder from the 'master' location to the 'viewers' location.

Re: Juicebox not showing as "Pro" [SOLVED]

That worked. And thanks for the info on jbcore.

Re: Juicebox not showing as "Pro" [SOLVED]

You're welcome!

Re: Juicebox not showing as "Pro" [SOLVED]

The bug noted above (the Juicebox version number not displaying in 'Site -> Customize Viewers') has now been fixed in Showkase v1.7.4 which has just been released.
Please see the Version History page for a full list of changes between versions. (The Version History page will be updated very soon in the next website refresh.)
Full instructions for downloading the latest version and upgrading a Showkase site can be found in the Upgrading Showkase support page.

Upgrades are free within the same major version number so if you purchased Showkase v1.0.0 (for example), then you can download all v1.x.x releases at no further cost.
Download links always point towards the most recent version that you are entitled to (rather than the version you purchased), so you can use your original download link from your purchase email to download the latest version.

Upgrading a Showkase site should be a quick and easy process (instructions in the link above) but please be sure to make a full backup of your site first, just in case anything goes wrong and you need to reinstate your original files at a later date.