Topic: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

I already have about 20 juicebox pages under Gallery index page. But creating a new juicebox page or save the pages or publishing takes about a minute or more.

Please advise.

Re: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

Showkase has a lot to do on publishing a site (for example building page records and generating thumbnails for gallery index pages) and, with a large site, this can take some time.
Unfortunately, there is little that a user can do to reduce the publishing time.

Work was done in Showkase v1.7.3 to minimize the publishing time. Please see the Version History page where you'll see this entry for Showkase v1.7.3:

  • Faster publishing for sites with large numbers of galleries

At the time, I created a test site with 128 galleries.
Publishing after changing the theme or the value for 'Customize Theme -> Gallery Index Page -> Thumb percent height' (which requires new thumbnails to be generated) took approximately 60 seconds.
However, subsequent publishes (without making any changes that would affect the thumbnails) took approximately 5 seconds.
Previously, thumbnails would always be generated and the publishing time for this sample site would always have been approximately 60 seconds.

If you are using a version of Showkase prior to v1.7.3, then please try upgrading to the latest version (v1.7.4) and you might see a difference in the publishing times.
For reference, full instructions for upgrading a Showkase site can be found here.

With Showkase v1.7.4, try changing the theme (for testing purposes... you can change it back afterwards), publishing your site and then try publishing it again immediately afterwards (without making any changes).
The subsequent publish action should be significantly faster than the initial publish action.
I realise that you will not be publishing your site without making any changes but this should at least check that the thumbnail generation is not happening when it is not necessary.

If you are already using Showakse v1.7.4, then, unfortunately, there may be little than can be done to speed up the publishing on your web server.

Please check with your web host to see what version of PHP your web server runs.
If you are using PHP 5, then try upgrading to PHP 7 (if your web host has this available for your hosting plan) to see if this results in a performance boost.

It might also help to know exactly how large your site is so please let me know how many pages of each type you have within your site and approximately how many images you have in each gallery page.
Thank you.

Re: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

I'm using Showkase-Pro 1.7.4
Web server is nginx-1.14.0
PHP is 7.2.10

About the Publishing - yes it is quite normal I think to takes time. But what about the Create new gallery Page? Why it is slow? Just a blank gallery page. I have to say that only in these steps I can see significant delay.

Re: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

The action of creating a new Juicebox gallery page (and clicking 'Save') should not take long at all but each time you click 'Publish' (even after creating a new blank page), Showkase runs through the complete publishing procedure.

If you think that there is a problem with your site then I'd be happy to help further but I'd really need access to your web server and Showkase site in order to investigate further.
If you are agreeable to this, then please email me your FTP login details (host, username and password) and Showkase login details (URL, username and password). (I have sent you an email. Please check your messages.)
I'll not change or delete any existing files on your web server but I may create a test page in your Showkase site which I'll delete when I've completed my tests.
Thank you.

Re: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

Thanks about that! Actually I didn't receive email? It is not a problem at all to copy the current site somewhere and to give you access. But New Year is coming :) I think we can do this after some days?

Re: Creating new Juicebox page takes about to 1 minute

No rush at all! Just give me a shout when you're ready.
I've resent the email. (Please check your spam/junk folder if you can't find it just in case it has been redirected to there.)