Awesome, thanks so much for the help and speedy response Steven!


So I can't figure out a way to display a nice grid layout for a video portfolio page...

I'm using the Basic Page as a starter, and embedding Vimeo links.  Which works fine, but I don't want just a list of vids down the page, like this...


I want a grid of 2 or 3 embedded vids side by side.  I tried using the 2-column override option, but it seems to set to a fixed page height ?, my videos get cut in half even though they have specified embed pixel dimensions, example:


I also thought I would use 1-column Wide override, and write my own code for a multi-column layout, but again it ignores my embed size and instead displays the vids at full browser width, example:


My question is how can I use a Basic Page to create something like this?  (photoshop mockup):


Thanks for any suggestions!


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I had the same problem... was driving me crazy.  I didn't get to do a system repair (not sure how I'd do that either) but simply waiting 15 minutes it changed back over to my normal live pages...


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New options for easy formatting elements on the CONTACT and BIO page types!

Simple is great, but our easy options for the Contact and Bio pages... leave a little to be desired. 

I tried using simple HTML tags to try and break up the layout a bit, move photo/text/etc but didn't seem to work, I'm guessing it's governed by theme code elsewhere?

The pages feel kinda bland, weighted funny on large screens.  Would be nice to have something closer to a modern/cleaner form, like Squarespace, etc.


Great thanks that works.

Hi, I'd like the social links at the bottom to open in a new tab instead of the parent... didn't see an option for this, would I have to add code to a source file?