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Anything we should be aware of on how this might affect a Showkase installation?
Bluehost Support email:

In an ongoing effort to bring you the very best products and services, Bluehost is excited to announce that we will be upgrading our servers to newer versions of PHP. In addition to improved data processing, which can boost site speed and performance, you also gain increased security. Newer versions of PHP have more frequent security updates to help protect your site against unwanted hacks or malware.

When will it happen?

At some point during the upgrade window, February 22 to February 25, 2022, your account will be updated, and older versions of PHP will no longer be supported. You may experience a brief disruption in service, but we will work to upgrade your site quickly with the most updated version of PHP software your website will support.

Do I need to take any action?

To avoid a negative impact to your site, we recommend that you upgrade all of your web installations to the newest PHP software available before we move your account. Newer versions of PHP are already available on your current server, and you can set your site to use those versions with this helpful guide.

Before making any changes, please backup all your website files and databases.

We assure you that every effort is being made to minimize any impact to your site and ensure that your environment is restored to normal operation as soon as possible.


The Bluehost Team


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After a lot of fussing and frustration, I'm stick with the legacy analytics. Thanks for all the help.


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OK, will stick with the Property ID.
This is from the basetheme.tpl file. Should the ID be in there somewhere?
https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmkgnulj35uvp … 2.png?dl=0


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It was a caching issue. My only issue now is  Google thing making sure the correct number is inserted since now there is the Account number, a Property number, and a Data Stream number. So happy they made it more involved!
Thanks for the help.


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Thank you for the links!
I updated Showkase and although the version says it's the latest, the Google area seems to look just like the old version without the ability to expand it or have a dropdown menu.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0nynuypr7uirz … 1.png?dl=0


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I guess my older version explains this. I now made sure I'm on the mailing lists for updates etc.
I also had to submit for a new link since mine expired.


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I see that Google is transitioning to a new analytics system. The Property IDs seem to be a different configuration. Will these work with the current version of Showkase?

The showkaseconfig.ini file and its enclosing folder both had the correct permissions.
As it turned out the .ini file was 0 bytes. 
I replace the file with one from the previous domain setup. I then logged in using the old .ini file in place. Once again I got the prompt that I should run Setup. This time running it worked!
Everything is in order and I re-published.
Seems like it's all good.

Thanks for the help Steven!

I've had Showkase setup as my main domain with a few other add-on domains each setup through the Showkase admin.
I recently changed what was an add-on to be my main domain. All the folders were moved around on the server with what was the main put into a folder and what was the add-on moved to main html folder (in Bluehost terms, the public_html folder). The site displays fine, but the Showkase admin interface is now messed up. When I first went into the admin page I was prompted to run Setup. When I do that I get these alerts:

    Notice: Undefined index: contentPath
    Notice: Undefined index: absoluteContentPath
    Cannot save to showkaseconfig.ini. Check installation folder permissions.

What's the best way to remedy this with the minimal amount of pain?



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It really does help!
As always, thanks.


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I'm trying to adjust the type of the navigation in small screen mobile view.
I can adjust

.headings-open-sans h3,.headings-open-sans header nav ul li a

in CSS, but that eiffects the large screen view navigation as well.
Is there a way in CSS to just adjust the mobile navigation?


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That's what I was sort of afraid of. But thanks anyway.


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Is there a CSS snippet to allow for a 1 column thumbnail layout on a Maribo Gallery Index page?


That worked great Steve. Thanks!

For some reason a couple of pages on my server have numbers after them (ie: "abstracts-3" instead of "abstracts") which don't appear in the page name listing on the main Showkase admin page. They do appear with the numbers on the System/files page.
I would like to delete the numbers because telling someone to visit a certain area of my site doesn't work without saying the number as well as the name.
How can I delete these numbers without goofing up my links etc.?


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That works fine Steven, thanks!


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OK, I see the issue. I have my galleries set up with the splash screen option/full screen mode so the images appear (much) larger on small devices like the iPhone. Since I use that option, the caption gets pushed to the bottom of the browser window. This results in some weird spacing on the the edges of the caption area and bottom status bar. Especially in Safari. And especially since they took away Minimal UI. Which sort of happens now if you scroll a page but since this in full screen mode there is no scrolling. So the captions are technically being overlayed on the image but full screen mode expands the caption area in a weird way and cuts off some of the type..
http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii22 … pz83xm.png

I went with this option since the images look so much larger in full screen mode than not. I think somewhere buried in the feature requests I suggested this larger view without having to use full screen mode. If I re-publish without the splash screen/full screen the captions appear over the smaller versions of the images correctly.

This is gets back to me to wanting to just turn the funky looking captions off at this point and not worry about the weird spacing. But as you said above, probably not doable.


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Hmmm. interesting. I checked the main Viewer area and the Viewer setting for each page and they are set to Auto. But my captions appear at the bottom of my phone. I'm wondering if I messed with the JB CSS a while back and changed something.


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I was just playing with the idea of having all my galleries be stacked on the left side of the page one on top of the other. Yeah I know, sounds sort of goofy but I'm always playing around with how things look on my site.

Here's another question. Can I prevent captions from loading on small devices only (phone size)? And can captions be loaded differently on various sizes? For instance on the desktop I have them below thumbs, but could they be overlayed on the image just on the phone size?


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Thanks a lot Steve.
I ended up doing a little of both the suggestions and got it all to work with a minimum of frustration.
Since I was actually copying the files to a new domain on the server for another site but keeping the original in tact, some things worked better than others.

Another question I had was whether there was a way to do a one thumbnail version for gallery pages. I know the same effect could sort of be done in a list viewer page, but there wouldn't be the snazzy overlays and type.

What would be the easiest way to copy a whole Showkase installation from one domain to another (on the same server)?
Do I need to do a setup on the new domain then copy? Can I even do a copy?
I thought by asking first I could save myself some time with trial and error!


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Finally had a chance to get back to this.
Increased max_input_vars  to 2500. Still happens.
Changed memory_limit from 128m to 256m. Still happens.

Sort of frustrating.


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Using the latest Showkase.
I changed the max_input_vars to 1200. There are around 180 images in this gallery.
Still get the problem.
Did Repairs. Still there.
Turned on Debug and get an additional line of: (juiceboxgallery.inc.php, line 132)

So a complete line would read:
Notice: Undefined offset: 166 (juiceboxgallery.inc.php, line 132)

Line 32 of that file is:
$this->imageObjects[$key]->setImageAttributes($titles[$key], $captions[$key], $links[$key], $targets[$key], $purchase[$key], $i);


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When I try to delete a couple of files I'm getting this:

And the files are not deleted.
Never happened before.


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I saw this code when I inspected the page and made the grey transparent in my custom css file.
But nothing happened.
That was because I had put the dash in gallery-listviewer in the wrong place!
Seeing your post made me look again and made the correction.
That solved the grey issue.

Thanks Steve.