Topic: Mobile Navigation [SOLVED]

I'm trying to adjust the type of the navigation in small screen mobile view.
I can adjust

.headings-open-sans h3,.headings-open-sans header nav ul li a

in CSS, but that eiffects the large screen view navigation as well.
Is there a way in CSS to just adjust the mobile navigation?

Re: Mobile Navigation [SOLVED]

Try using a media query using the same breakpoint that Showkase uses to switch between small screen mode and large screen mode.
Try something like the following:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
    .headings-open-sans h3,.headings-open-sans header nav ul li a {
        /* Custom CSS rules for small screen mode go here */

I hope this helps.

Re: Mobile Navigation [SOLVED]

It really does help!
As always, thanks.

Re: Mobile Navigation [SOLVED]

That's great! Thanks for letting me know.