Topic: showkase future update?

I am a happy user of Showkase, and I am really impressed how Steven is responsive and helping on the forum. Thanks a lot Steven! You helped me a few times already!

I was wondering, as Showkase was not updated for quite some time now (the latest Version 1.7.6 is from 25 March 2021), if the software is "abandonned" by the devs or if I missed a new version or new software?

Thank you for the support.

Re: showkase future update?

You've not missed an update. The latest (current) version is still v1.7.6.

Unfortunately, I do not know if or when Showkase may next be updated and it does look increasingly likely that an official update is not forthcoming. Sorry I cannot be more specific just now but I don't make the decisions around here and I don't have any news at the moment.

Having said that, even though I'm not the author of Showkase and cannot release new official versions, I am still a member of the official support team and I'll continue to do my best to see that Showkase stays alive and kicking.

This might be a good opportunity to post a round-up patch containing all of the fixes and updates that I've posted in the forum over the past few months.

Please note that this is an unofficial patch and that you should use it at your own risk. I have tested it myself on a web server running PHP 8.3.6 but it has not undergone extensive testing by anyone other than myself.
Please be sure to make a full backup of your existing site before applying the patch.
The patch files are in a folder named 'showkase' (like the official Showkase zip file) so you can just upload the 'showkase' folder to your web server, overwriting your existing files.

Here is the changelog for the patch:

  • Changed default body text on About and Basic pages for consistency across all page types

  • Fixed PHP 8.1 incompatibility - implicit incompatible float to int conversion is deprecated

  • Fixed PHP 8.2 incompatibility - dynamic properties are deprecated

  • Introduced webp support

  • Updated links in showkase.robots.txt file

  • Upgraded CKEditor to v4.22.1

  • Upgraded jsTree to v3.3.16

  • Upgraded PHPMailer to v6.9.1 for Contact page

  • Upgraded Plupload to v2.3.9

  • Upgraded Smarty PHP Template Engine to v4.5.2

(1) This patch should be applied to Showkase v1.7.6 (Pro or Standard) only. It should not be used for any other version.
(2) This patch now requires that a minimum version of PHP 7.1 should be used. (The previous minimum version required was PHP 5.2.)

Patch file download link:

As always, just give me a shout if you need a hand with anything. I'll be here to help!

Re: showkase future update?

Thank you very much Steven, I really appreciate.
I will use the patch and let you know if any issue.

Have a good day!