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Can Showkase handle a .webp format?

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No, sorry.
The Showkase upload module accepts only GIF, JPG/JPEG and PNG.

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Thank you for posting your suggestion in the Feature Requests thread.
I don't know if or when this might be implemented officially but, in the meantime,you might like to try this patch that I created (attached).
It introduces .webp support to Showkase and allows .webp images to be uploaded via the upload module.
Just extract the zip file over your existing Showkase directory. The following files will be replaced:

  • admin/classes/gallery.php

  • admin/classes/imagesizer.php

  • admin/classes/thumbnail.php

  • scripts/plupload/queue.js


(1) This patch is not official. It was made by myself, not by the author of Showkase. As such, it has not gone through a rigorous testing regime (although I've tried it out myself and it seems to work fine) and you should use it at your own risk. Be sure to make a full backup of your site first, just in case you need to reinstate your original files at a later date.

(2) The upload module (the third-party Plupload module) only resizes .jpeg and .png images client-side so .webp images are treated the same as .gif images (i.e. they are not resized when uploading). Either be sure to resize your .webp images before using them in Showkase or, if using a Juicebox-Pro gallery, go to 'Site -> Customize Viewers -> Juicebox-Pro (Edit) -> Pro Viewer Options -> Multi-Size Images (Pro)' and select the 'Medium image resize' checkbox.

(3) The files named above have been modified so, if you have made any other modifications to these files (from the stock Showkase v1.7.6 versions), then your modifications will be lost and you'll need to apply them to the files again.

(4) Please use this patch only if you are using Showkase v1.7.6. The original files that I modified were Showkase v1.7.6 stock files. Using this patch on a previous version of Showkase may break other functionality.

I hope this helps.

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