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Google AdWords is asking about the Website Content Management System (CMS) - Please provide the CMS platform your website is built upon. 

Please help me with this response.


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The CMS is "Showkase". (The big 3 CMSs are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress but you're using Showkase.)

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Thank you!

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I'm back with a follow-up question. Google has provided me with some code to be placed into the Header and Footer sections for tracking. Fyi, I know Showkase has a spot for a Google Analytics ID, but they tell me what they are providing is different. So my question is if I paste some of their custom code into the Header and Footer, will I lose it every time I update my site, such as with new pictures?

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If you added the code to any of the HTML pages generated by Showkase, then you'd lose the code each and every time you republished your site (via the 'Publish' button).

However, you could add the code to a particular Showkase source file in order for the code to automatically be added to every HTML page that Showkase generates on publishing the site.

Open up your showkase/_themes/base/pagetypes/layout.tpl file in a plain text editor.
You can then add your code between the <head> ... </head> tags (if the code is to go in the <head> section) or just before the closing </body> tag (if that's where Google is recommending the code to go).

After re-uploading the modified layout.tpl file to its original location (overwriting the old version), your custom code will be included within every HTML file throughout your site each time the site is published (without needing to manually add it to any pages).

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Okay, that is super helpful! Google also has some code they want in the footer section.  Is the "footer" section also available in the same file?

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Actually just read your reply again and I believe you already answered that it will work for both.

Thanks, appreciate your help!

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Every valid web page should have a <head> section but not every web page has a 'footer'.
Showkase pages do, indeed, have a <head> section but they also have a <header> and <footer>.

I expect when Google says that their code should go in the header and footer that the code should be placed at the top and bottom of the web page respectively (i.e. in the <head> section and just before the closing </body> tag at the very end of the web page).

If you need your code to be placed inside Showkase's own <header> and <footer> sections (which not all web pages will have), then you can insert the code just after the opening <header> tag or just before the closing </footer> tag in the layout.tpl file.

I think the <head> section and the bottom of the <body> section would be fine, though.

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I tried inserting the few lines of Google's code and it triggered off many errors from Showkase. I then started over and tried inserting the second way you mentioned, but still get many, many errors. Does not seem like Showkase is liking this.

Any possibility of emailing the errors for you to see or giving you access to the website?

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Sure thing. You'll find my email address just below my username in the column to the left of this post. (You'll need to be logged into the forum see the Email link.)
Let me know the errors and send me your 'layout.tpl' file and I'll take a look. Thanks.

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Hmm, I am definitely logged into the forum but not seeing the email address. 

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Sorry about that.
Maybe the email link is only visible to admins.
Mail me at Email address removed.

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Email received (and reply sent).