Topic: ShowKase Setup for 2 (multiple) Domains on Same Server

I have one domain setup with ShowKase on a Host Server. I have just purchased a second domain and want to set it up with the same hosting provider and I'd like to use ShowKase to build that site too.

Both domains fall under my one hosting agreement. Can I install ShowKase on that 2nd domain space and do I need to purchase a second license to do so?

Re: ShowKase Setup for 2 (multiple) Domains on Same Server

Hi. Thanks for checking in with us.

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A Single Site License allows you to install an unlimited number of Showkase sites on a single website domain and all associated subdomains.
For example, if your domain name is, then all the following examples would be covered by a Single Site License (as they are all on





If you want to have a Showkase site on a difference domain (for example,, then you'd need to purchase a separate Single Site License.


(1) Alias domains which simply mirror content are not counted for license purposes. For example, if you have a Showkase site at and exactly the same content is mirrored at, then a Single Site License covers this scenario.

(2) Licenses are only required for publicly accessible domains, so staging and testing domains do not require an additional license.

I hope this helps to clarify things.