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Topic: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I made several galleries using JuiceBox Pro and then incorporated them in my ShowKase website. After publishing the website I realized that probably due to my own error each of the different galleries all had the same title. So I went back through all the galleries in JuiceBox and removed the titles and then uploaded the newest folder of each gallery to my directory. I then opened ShowKase and published it all again. It didn't make any difference. All the galleries still all have the same title. So I cleared my browser cache and they were still there. So I reopened all of the galleries in JucieBox and even though there were now gallery titles visible I changed the setting to gallery title position to "none". I saved everything and then uploaded it all again and then published the site again. Still no change. I'm totally stumped. I'd be happy if I could eliminate all the gallery titles. I have opened the galleries located on my desktop and no title is visible in any of the galleries.

What do I need to do?

Kim . . . KimLindaberry.com

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I'll answer my own question here . . . I finally figured it out! After uploading to the server I needed to re-import the new folders into ShowKase, remove the old pages, then publish again.

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I'm glad that you have found a way to resolve your problem but there is an easier way to remove a Juicebox gallery title (from within the Showkase interface) without the need to edit the gallery in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and re-import the gallery into Showkase.

Edit your Juicebox gallery page in Showkase (on the 'Pages' tab).

Now, either:
(1) Scroll down to (and expand) the 'Lite Viewer Options' and delete the 'Gallery Title'.
... or:
(2) Scroll down to (and expand) the 'General (Pro)' section and set 'Gallery Title Position' to 'None'.

Now, scroll back up to the top of the page and click 'Save' and then 'Publish'.

If you still see the gallery title after doing this, then the problem is likely to just be a browser caching issue and clearing your browser's cache before reloading your gallery's web page should resolve the issue.

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I thought that there should be a way to do exactly that. I kept looking for that option, however I didn't look under the "Lite Viewer" options because that would be under a Pro option. I'm still learning how to tweak things and now I know. Thank you

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

Gallery Title is one of the few options supported by Juicebox-Lite, hence its inclusion in the 'Lite Viewer Options' section.

You can find a list of all Juicebox configuration options (and check which headings they come under) in the Juicebox Configuration Options page.

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

Okay, that makes sense . . . So Steve do you ever take page type/feature request?

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I am not the author of Showkase (and I don't make design decisions) but please feel free to post suggestions in the Feature Requests forum thread.
This keeps all the ideas together and ensures that they are not overlooked by the developers.
I do not know the likelihood of any ideas being implemented in future versions but this is certainly the best place for all ideas.
Thank you.

Also, please bear in mind that the 'Basic' page type is really just a blank slate and allows a lot of flexibility as you can put whatever you like on the page. As well as adding text and images via the editor's toolbar, you can switch the editor to source mode (click the 'Source' button) and add whatever HTML code you like.

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

Steve, that tip about the "Source Button" took care of the problem I was having with inserting youtube videos into a page. My site is completely functional now. A tweak or 2 maybe but the source button helped me fix my last major problem . . . Thanks

Re: Remove a Juicebox Gallery Title [SOLVED]

I'm glad you're making good progress. Thank you for letting me know!