Topic: Cookie approval


in germany webuser must confirm the use of cookies in an active way.

is there any support of showcase to implement the cookie query like wordpress do.?

greetings, Rudi

Re: Cookie approval

Showkase does not come with its own built-in cookie consent code but you'll find there are many websites that provide cookie consent code that you can use in your own website. (Try a web search for "cookie consent code" and you should find a few.)

You can then incorporate the code into your Showkase site by following the instructions in this forum thread (where another user posted a similar query to yours).

I hope you find the information in the forum thread useful.
Please let me know how you get on and if I can be of any further assistance.
If you experience any difficulties, then please let me know the code you are trying to use (or provide a link to the website that provides the code) and I'll do my best to help further.
Thank you.