Topic: Gallery Creation Issue [SOLVED]

So my trouble started when I was creating a Juicebox page.  During that time everything seemed to work okay except when I went to upload my images after I hit upload it would have an error and the images would not show up in the gallery.  I deleted the Juicebox page and tried creating it again but it had the same issue.

I then I went into the system > repair option and I ran the repair to rebuild the pages.

After the repair when I tried to add any new items I get the error "cannot find gallery folder"

Does anyone know how to fix it so I can create pages again?  Thanks

Re: Gallery Creation Issue [SOLVED]

Please try installing and running the Showkase Server Compatibility Test.
Even if you ran the test before originally installing Showkase, please try again in case your web host has made any changes recently which might be contributing to your problem.
The results of the tests may point us in the right direction and let us know the exact nature of the problem.
There are troubleshoting tips on the test's web page (link above)

If everything was working well previously, then please contact your web host and ask if they have made any changes to your hosting account recently which might somehow be contributing to your problem.

Also, if you are not already using the latest version of Showkase (v1.7.4), please try upgrading to see if this helps to resolve your problem.
If necessary, full instructions for downloading the latest version and upgrading an existing site can be found on the Upgrading Showkase support page.

I hope this helps (at least as a starting point to figuring out what is causing your problem).
Please let me know how you get on.
Thank you.

Re: Gallery Creation Issue [SOLVED]

Running the test shows that the server was unable to write to the website.  After checking with our host we found the problem was that the anonymous account that Showkase was using was hitting its quota of 100MB.  We have raised the limit which has cleared all issues with the system.

Everything seems to be working great now!  Thanks for the help!

Re: Gallery Creation Issue [SOLVED]

I'm glad to hear that you have ben able to track down and resolve your issue.
Thank you very much for posting back to let me know. It's most appreciated.