Topic: Blank page at initial login [SOLVED]

I use 2 Showkase on two providers. The one for a personal web, it's OK.
I purchase a second Showcase for an association with another provider.
sktest is OK (I need for this to create a directory "sessions" in root place).
When I start Showkase, I have the first page : "Welcome to your New Showcase Web Site... "
When I clic on Showcase Admin I get a blank page, in Safari and Firefox, on iMac.
What can I do ?

Re: Blank page at initial login [SOLVED]

When you see the blank page, what is the URL in the browser (what is the address of the blank page that you are viewing)?
What do you see when you view the source of the blank web page in your browser (maybe there is a clue to the nature of your problem hidden in the code of the blank page)?

The first thing I would try is re-uploading all the core Showkase to your web server in case something happened during the initial upload which has resulted in an incomplete site (maybe not all files were uploaded) or corrupt files.

Does your web server have any error logs that you can look into to see if you can figure out what went wrong?

If delving deeper into the origin of the blank page, re-uploading Showkase to your web server and checking your web servers error logs does not help, then it might help to know more about your web server.
Does your web server run Linux or Windows?
What version of PHP does your web server have installed (please check that it is installed and working correctly)?
What version of Showkase are you using?

Perhaps you could post a link to your Showkase Server Compatibility Test (so that I can take a look at the results for myself) and also post a link to your PHP settings (as noted below).
(1) Create a new file in a plain text editor with the following code: <?php phpinfo(); ?>
(2) Save the file with a .php file extension (for example, 'phpinfo.php').
(3) Upload the file to your web server and post its URL here in the forum so that I can check it out.

With a little more information, we should hopefully be able to determine the cause of your problem.
Thank you.

Re: Blank page at initial login [SOLVED]

thank you for this quick and very complete answer.
I have uploaded ShowKase again, and it's OK now.

Re: Blank page at initial login [SOLVED]

I'm glad you've got it working.
Thank you for posting back to let me know.