Topic: 1 column thumbnail layout

Is there a CSS snippet to allow for a 1 column thumbnail layout on a Maribo Gallery Index page?


Re: 1 column thumbnail layout

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no quick and easy way to create a gallery index page with a single column of thumbnails.
If I knew of a solution, I'd happily share it with you but the variable which handles the 'Max thumb columns' appears in seven different source files and I do not know the formulae that the author used to generate thumbnail dimensions and breakpoints.
It is probably much more complicated that it looks at first sight.

Perhaps you could post your suggestion in the Feature Requests forum thread.
This keeps all the ideas together and ensures that they are not overlooked by the developers.
I do not know the likelihood of any ideas being implemented in future versions but this is certainly the best place for all ideas.
Thank you.

Re: 1 column thumbnail layout

That's what I was sort of afraid of. But thanks anyway.

Re: 1 column thumbnail layout

You're welcome. Sorry it's not the response you were hoping for.
It still might be worth posting in the Feature Requests thread though.