Topic: Display EXIF of the images

Is this possible? With (i) button in example to display the Exif information of the picture?

Re: Display EXIF of the images

Unfortunately, Showkase is unable to extract EXIF information from images.
However, Showkase can extract the IPTC title and/or IPTC description for use in the image titles and captions.
Please see 'Editing Individual Captions' in the Pages section of the Showkase User Guide for details on how to extract the image's IPTC title and description.

There are some special codes that can be entered into titles, captions and descriptions:
{iptctitle} causes Showkase to look for embedded iptc metadata in the image and insert the contents of the title field if present.
{iptcdescription} is translated into the iptc description field if present.

If entering IPTC data via Adobe Photoshop, {iptctitle} corresponds to the IPTC 'Document Title' field and {iptcdescription} corresponds to the IPTC 'Description' field.