Topic: Change page name on server [SOLVED]

For some reason a couple of pages on my server have numbers after them (ie: "abstracts-3" instead of "abstracts") which don't appear in the page name listing on the main Showkase admin page. They do appear with the numbers on the System/files page.
I would like to delete the numbers because telling someone to visit a certain area of my site doesn't work without saying the number as well as the name.
How can I delete these numbers without goofing up my links etc.?

Re: Change page name on server [SOLVED]

If there is already an existing page folder named 'abstracts', then Showkase will use 'abstracts-2' for the next page named 'Abstracts'.

If the original 'abstracts' folder no longer exists on your server (for example if the corresponding page has been trashed), then to change the 'abstracts-3' folder name to just 'abstracts', rename the page corresponding to the 'abstracts-3' folder (on the 'Pages' tab via the blue 'Rename' link) to something that does not already exist (like 'xyz') and then rename it back to 'Abstracts' (clicking the 'Save' button after each rename). As long as there is not already a folder named 'abstracts' in your Showkase root directory, Showkase will name the folder directly after the page name (without any number suffix) using lowercase.

I hope this helps.

Re: Change page name on server [SOLVED]

That worked great Steve. Thanks!

Re: Change page name on server [SOLVED]

You're welcome! I'm glad it worked for you!