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Topic: missing download icon

hello support folks,

I have enabled the download link for my gallery.  And in viewing the gallery from a windows PC desktop browser, the download icon shows up in the menu bar & functions perfectly.  And it works fine on an iMac desktop browser or MacBook laptop.

However, on the iPad or iPhone, the download icon does NOT appear in the menu bar of the gallery.

Is this a bug or issue that can be fixed?

Thanks so much,
Papa Tregel

Re: missing download icon

Unfortunately, Juicebox-Pro's direct download functionality does not work on iOS devices so Juicebox-Pro automatically hides the Download Button when an iOS device has been detected. (The Direct Download button should display and function fine on Android devices, though.)
As you have discovered, the best alternative for iOS users would be to include the Open Image button so that they can open the image in a new windows and download the image from there (using Mobile Safari's native 'Save Image' functionality).