Topic: Switch mobile to desktop site option

Is there a way to code browser support to give the end user options for a desktop or mobile site? This would also have to last in that particular site option for the end users whole session.

Re: Switch mobile to desktop site option

Showkase is already responsive and a Showkase site will adjust to the size of the user's browser window or screen.
Try viewing a Showkase site (demos can be found here) and reduce the size of your browser window or compare a desktop browser display with that of a mobile device. For example, on a small screen, the menu is hidden under a menu icon.

However, it is not possible to allow users to choose which display they want.
(I guess everything is technically possible but I expect it would require a huge amount of work and in-depth knowledge of the Showkase source code.)
Perhaps the best thing to do would be to post your suggestion in the Feature Requests forum thread.
This keeps all the ideas together and ensures that they are not overlooked by the developers.
I do not know what ideas will be implemented in future versions but this is certainly the best place for all suggestions.
Thank you.

Thank you for posting your suggestion in the Feature Requests thread.