Topic: 1.7.3 update issue


After installing the 1.7.3 update, I have the following message in the Library tab :

  "Warning: Declaration of LibraryGallery::saveGallery() should be compatible with Gallery::saveGallery($checkThumb = false)."

It is also impossible to upload a file, the upload seems to work, but the file doesn't appear in the library.

I have tried a clean install too, but the problem stands.


Re: 1.7.3 update issue

That's certainly a bug. Thank you for reporting it.
I'll let the developers know right away.

In the meantime, it looks like it should be able to be fixed by a quick edit to one of the Showkase files.
Open the 'showkase\admin\plugins\library\' file in a plain text editor, scroll down to line 72 and change:

function saveGallery()

... to:

function saveGallery($checkThumb = false)

This should hopefully resolve the problem.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We'll get this bug sorted out as soon as we can.
Thanks again for letting us know.

Re: 1.7.3 update issue


Many thanks for your help. I found that code on line 72 actually.
Everything works fine now.


Re: 1.7.3 update issue

You're welcome!
You're right about the line number. Sorry about that! I've amended my post above with the correct line number.

Re: 1.7.3 update issue

Hi Steven,
Months ago I saw this issue, and that's why I didn't upgrade to 1.7.3

I expected that a new version would be up soon. But it's still 1.7.3

Should I upgrade anyway, and do the fix in line 72? (Publishing takes forever with my site, so I would like to if 1.7.3 makes this faster than 1.7.2 which I am still using).

ThanX, bye

Re: 1.7.3 update issue


The developers are working on a  new version at the moment but, unfortunately, I do not know when it will be released.
In the meantime, I would certainly recommend upgrading to v1.7.3 as this version features significantly faster publishing times (especially for sites with a large number of galleries).

For example, I created a test site in Showkase v1.7.3 with 128 galleries.
The initial publishing of the site took approximately 60 seconds. Subsequent publishing took approximately 5 seconds.
Please note that if you change the theme or the value for 'Customize Theme -> Gallery Index Page -> Thumb percent height', then thumbnails will need to be recreated and the publishing time will increase but, as long as thumbnails do not need to be recreated, publishing will be noticeably quicker.

This is not a strict benchmark (and actual publishing times will depend on many factors such as your web server) but my own findings should hopeful give you an idea of what to expect.

Incidentally, the bug noted above was fixed in a recent update to the Showkase v1.7.3 zip file so if you update to v1.7.3 just now, you will not need to manually implement the bugfix.
The bugfix was just a single line change in a single file so only the build number changed (to "2018." for Showkase-Standard and "2018." for Showkase-Pro).