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I'm liking the product a lot so far. I particularly like the 'online' workflow. Not requiring a suite of tools installed locally makes working on a site from multiple locations a breeze. I can make a change from home at night, and tinker around with it the next day from my workplace at lunchtime without needing any software installed, and that's really powerful. But here are some things that struck me whilst working with it, and I've tried to put them in (my own personal) priority. I hope you'll find them useful:

1. Much that I really like the online workflow, I found myself strongly wishing there was some kind of 'preview' publish, rather than full publish. The problem with having to do a publish to see every change you try, is that your site can be visible by others in a state of disarray as you're working on it. I want the freedom to mess around and try things, safe in the knowledge that the work in progress nature of it won't be seen.

2. In the same way that you can currently create a 'logo', I'd like to be able to swap gallery titles and perhaps other menu texts for graphics (e.g the home page or about page title). Anti-aliased text looks so much nicer than aliasing text, so I'd prefer the option of being able to generate my own text for menus in Photoshop and save them as .jpeg's.

3. I'd like to see more customization options for the gallery index page. With 5, I have an odd number of galleries which looks a little messy on the gallery index page. If I could downsize the thumbnails, Id be able to get them all in one row, rather than one row of 4 and another row below it with a lone 1.

4. I'd like to be able to change the colour of individual letter text within a body of text in the 'About' page. A different colour header for each paragraph for example, that didn't seem possible?

5. Tricky to implement probably, but some kind of backup, revert or undo could be very valuable. There isn't a ton of security as it stands now in terms of preserving what you have. You could probably break something quite easily and have a hard time getting it back to a previous state.


Ok, thanks for the help.

"Make sure 'showLargeThumbs' is set to true."

doh, that did it thanks.

"Not sure what you mean by 'push the image lower down the page'?"

I mean don't change the size of the image, but extend it 'down' the page, pushing all the stuff that's at the bottom of the page (like the copyright) lower.

Will play with the Nav order stuff thanks.

"To avoid the logo image being resized, we recommend using a logo image with width of 256 pixels or less."

This approach worked, thanks. The graphic appears to not be scaling down at the newer smaller size of x256.

"If this does not help, log into your web hosting account using a browser and try deleting the directories through the File Manager in your web hosting account's cPanel."

Worked, thanks!

"upgrade your copy of Showkase Standard to use Juicebox-Pro by following these steps. "

Followed the instructions, definitely seemed to work.

The one only one thing I'm left really scratching my head about is thumbnail options. In 'Thumbnails(pro)' options I have 'Use thumb dots' ticked. But after publishing, refreshing, and deleting firefox cache this just doesn't seem to work. I just don't have thumbbail dots as I used to have with my old site here: http://www.daz-art.com/vg.htm (new Showkase stuff: http://www.daz-art.com)
Is there something else I might also need ticked in conjunction with this for it to work?

A couple of other things and I think I'll be pretty happy with what I have (although Im generally happy with it, honestly) :) :

1. In the options for what to do with gallery images If the browser window is small (Image scale mode), I wish I could have 'push the image lower' as an option. I dont want to scale down, because Im not crazy about the slight image softening that occurs, and the 'none' option obviously crops so can look awkward. So what I really want to be able to do is push the image lower down the page to accommodate the full size, but not scale it down, If that makes sense?

2. On the main index page that shows all the galleries, there doesn't seem to be much that is customizable there. Like for example being able to change the size of the gallery preview windows, or change the order in which the actual galleries are listed top right. Is this the case, or am I missing something?

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the prompt reply Felix. Re:

1. Ah, weird. Tried that last night and couldn't get it to work. Managed it today.
2.a. To be perfectly clear here, this isn't text. This is a .jpeg I made in Photoshop of text, so that it can be anti-aliased. The graphic seems far too small for its actual pixel size. ShowKase appears to be 'scaling it down' (it is not 1:1 pixels to screen resolution) and I can't get to the bottom of what is causing that. 

2. b. OK

Thanks for the link to upgrade Juicebox, I missed reference to that whole workflow. Will try.

To be clear on the issue with those folders, they are empty. There are no visible files in them. At least not according to CoreFTP. But it still wont let me delete the folders.

Thanks again.


1. Is there any way to input hex code characters instead of using the colour picker? If you've picked a colour for one page type, and you need to replicate that colour on a different page type it can be *extremely* difficult trying to select precisely the same 'by hand' of course. It at least *looks* like there's some way to input text but If there is it's incredibly fussy/tricky.

2.a. I'm using a graphic for my name/title here because I want the anti-aliased text: http://www.daz-art.com/2d/ it appears to be smaller than it should be. And when I minimize the firefox window to be fairly small it grows to the intended size. Any way I can keep it from changing size?
2.b Is there support to use graphics instead of text for other menu items beyond that one? There doesn't seem to be and I'd really want anti-aliased text graphics were possible.

3. I'm finding the feature set extremely confusing right now to be honest. There seems to be a lot on the showcase customize juicebox page that says 'pro' in brackets. I purchased juicebox a while back, but bought Showkase today to get a more integrated feeling result. But right now I can't even appear to do something as simple as not display thumbnails. Alarmingly the 'thumbnails' options have 'pro' in brackets in the title and changing options doesn't appear to have any effect. Surely changing that option cannot be possible in the higher priced 'pro' version only? If so I wish that was made clear before purchase. But I'm sure I'm simply missing something here. I want dots as here: http://www.daz-art.com/marketing.htm (Juicebox and Komposer page 'old' site) rather than full thumbs as here : http://www.daz-art.com/2d/ (showkase page).

4. At the initial installation process, I got a little confused with dir structure and by the time I'd set it up correctly I was left with a couple of redundant folders (one is /showkase and the other is /showkase-1.0.0) at the root of my url that are empty but Core FTP cant/wont delete because it says they're not empty.

Any help very much appreciated.