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Hi Steven,
Months ago I saw this issue, and that's why I didn't upgrade to 1.7.3

I expected that a new version would be up soon. But it's still 1.7.3

Should I upgrade anyway, and do the fix in line 72? (Publishing takes forever with my site, so I would like to if 1.7.3 makes this faster than 1.7.2 which I am still using).

ThanX, bye


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I'm still eagerly hoping something happens with my earlier request...!

But meanwhile I have another: I would very much like to have the possibility to write some text (like an introduction) on an Index Page! Now I use a Basic Page with Links to Index-Pages, but I would really like the possibility to also add some text on an Index Page itself!


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It has been on this list for ages, I am desperately waiting for it since I use ShowKase: please, please please gimme the possibillity to make an Indexpage of Indexpages! So I can build a site with multiple layers: like Abroad=>India=>Mumbai=>Slums. How hard can that be for you to build??? You are geniuses, right? Yeahhh, I'm sure, just do it! Please?