I've got it aligned now, thanks so much for you help, Steven!!

Thank you so much for the help. I think I got it now. But I just found another 'issue' that's bugging me beyond reason, lol.

Is there a way to keep the image area / caption area constant? I'm finding my galleries that have different image sizes and or orientation affects how much of my captions are displayed. Some have either missing text or sometimes the bottom 1/2 of a sentence is cut off.

If possible, where would be the place to change the background (image or color) for the resulting space around the image?

Thanks again for your assistance.


I can't seem to find how to center the page contents with the gallery above it. I'm using Boma Theme. Thank you for help.


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I was wondering how I can fix the difference in the way my galleries appear between browsers (Firefox and Chrome). My website's URL is www.rayshiuimages.com

I would like my galleries to display as it does in Firefox (main image with the thumbnail grid on the bottom). On Chrome, the main image does not show up but the thumbnail grid does. When I click a thumbnail, it will show the image in the "main" window but then the thumbnail grid disappears.

Please advise on how I can fix this. Thanks...

Thank you, Steve. As always, you're awesome!!!

Thanks, Steve, for the detail fix.

By any chance can I export galleries from simpleviewer keeping all the settings and URL's then import into juicebox pro?

I was just notified that my galleries on a Mac using Firefox and Safari:

1) Images not watermarked
2) Galleries were in grid view as opposed to one main image with 2 rows of thumbnails below
3) Image clicks resulted in navigation instead of opening image in associated URL

I really don't mind number 2 and may change my galleries to all look like that (if I knew how) BUT I really need number 1 and 3 fixed. I use Windows and everything works/behaves the way its configured.

Please advise.

My galleries in question on my website is at rayshiuimages dot com slash microstock-galleries.



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Awesome! Thanks for the help!

All my Simpleviewer galleries on my rayshiuimages dot com site have the gallery title and button bar misaligned. Only 1/2 the title can be seen (horizontally). However, on a subdomain, friends dot rayshiuimages dot com, the Simpleviewer galleries are just fine. I've checked the settings on both and they are pretty much the same, only differences are ones that don't affect the title and button bars.

What have I overlooked?

Also, how to make get the captions to import from meta in the image file? I export from Lightroom with both Title and Caption fields filled in.

Please advise. Thank you.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info!

I was wondering if I can cut and paste the showkase site I've built in a temp subdomain to the proper subdomain once i've done tinkering with the site on the temp subdomain.

Thanks for the advice.

For some reason I can't drag a navigation link to be a "sub page" of a basic page or gallery index page but I can drag a basic page under a navigation link. Is there some way to do this? There used to be a drop down box I could select a parent but I can't find it now.

Please advise.

Hi Steven,

Sorry for the delay, haven't had time to look into this until now. Anyways, the place I put the edits is, after logging in: I click "edit" to the page where the script is, then my I can see my "page" in the box (which has the "source" button). My page looks like it's supposed to here (all aligned nicely even before the edits).  I click the "source" button and enter the edits there.

Am I in the correct place to put the edits?

Thanks for the assist.

Spoke too soon...for some reason, the login boxes are misaligned again but I haven't touched the code since it was working last night. Please advise.

Thank you, so much, Steven!!! All's good now.

Ya, the code has url's in it too.

Here's the the link to my page with the misalignment issue: familyphotos dot newbiephoto dot net slash login

The password boxes and text should align like this: gymnastics dot newbiephoto dot net

Here's the the link to my page with the enlarged Paypal: familyphotos dot newbiephoto dot net slash home

The "Donate" button itself is supposed to be just slightly wider than the animated gif

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the help. I tried to post links and the code I'm using but I got this error message:

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your message can be posted:
Too many links in message. Allowed 0 links. Reduce number of links and post it again.

Please advise.

In regards to changing the height and width of the Paypal button image, I've tried various numbers but none changed the image size on the web page.

I'm copying the codes from my service providers and pasting them into the "source" portion of the "Page content" area when making a page in Showcase. Everything looks fine in the "Page content" area but not in its own web page.

Thanks again for your continued support.


In Showkase version 1.3.5 -  I have login boxes nicely aligned and on a different page I have the Paypal donate button sized properly but in Showkase version 1.5.1 - the login boxes and its corresponding text are not aligned and on the other page, the Paypal donate button is enlarged and thus pixelated.

I copied/pasted the code from the Showkase version 1.3.5 site to the Showkase version 1.5.1 site, so I have no idea whats going on and how to fix this.

Please advise. Thanks.


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Would it be possible to add a banner/google ad/paypal button to the navigation column? Maybe in the footer right above the copyright?

How about being able to insert something at the base of a gallery index page? I would really like to add a donate button as well as an affiliate banner to the gallery index pages.

If this is already possible, please advise. Thanks in advance.


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Hi bobkatz,
Sorry for the late reply. In regards to uploading from lightroom, it never occurred to me to set that up. I've just been exporting to juicebox gallery, checking the photos exported ok then ftp'ing to my server. Thanks for the idea! That being said, I have no idea what the best way to update would be. I just re-published and re-uploaded.

As for deleting files via ftp, yeah, its painfully slow. But i'm ok with that I just leave it running in the background while I do something else.

Please advise if you have a solution for updating via lightroom. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Steven,

Thanks for such a prompt and detailed response. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the offering the work around and detailing what wouldn't work if implemented. I pretty much have things the way I want now. I deleted everything and started again because it was too time consuming to try to figure out which folder was the correct one. Lucky this happened with only the 6 galleries uploaded.

Anyways, while waiting for everything to get wiped off the server, I devised a naming convention so I wouldn't have to edit any names once imported and will operate out of a temp folder. I'll just have Showkase scan the temp folder instead of root for importing. If you can foresee any future difficulties I may run into, please let me know.

I need to go get the update now, thanks for the tip!


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How can I make showcase able to use a gallery created by juicebox (lightroom plugin) instead of having to create a duplicate on the server. Having to delete galleries is a waste of time and bandwidth and storage space (for those that didn't know). I can imagine some people getting very upset if they hit/exceeded their "hosting package" limits because of the duplicates.

Also, how can I stop the creation of the "galleries-1", 2 etc. I got 22 of them in my server. I'm not even sure how/why I'm getting those but I am leaning towards having deleted the wrong folder on my server and then trying to edit the page in showkase.

I also get new folders, with all the images in them, whenever I edit the 'Nav Name' of a page.

Please help.