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I would love to see a way to display the file names. I bought this beautiful template to publish my photoshoots so customers can order photos by telling me the numbers. As far as I can see the only way to do this is type it in manually :-(
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Little update: I reinstalled everything, changed permissions again and now it says your website is setup.

Only I'm getting a new error message now:
No page records to rebuild
Cannot read /volume1/web/showkase/_themes/@eaDir/theme.ini

New update: Hope I can help other Synology users here. It seems the Synologye creates this @eaDir directory everywhere. This directory stores thumbnails and stuff and seems to be related to iTunes server being installed on the Synology. I removed iTunes from my Synology and removed these hidden directories. I hope the Synology stops recreating these directories.

I logged into my Synology using SSH through the OSX Terminal (external connection). Don't forget to re-activate the Admin account on your Synology and use the user "root" to login and use the Admin password. Navigate to the Showkase folder and remove the @eaDir directory in "themes" Now it should work :)

I hope Showkase kan reprogram things so it won't be disturbed by this @eaDir directory....

Hello, I bought Showkase for my photography website. I run this website on my own (Synology DSM 4.3) server. I changed the permissions of the web folder to read and write and I successfully ran the sktest thing I downloaded from your support site. Every test ran successfully but still I get the message "Cannot create Showkase data folder" when I hit the setup button. Hope you can help me out...

I made screenshots of the tests but it seems I'm not allowed to post them here :-(