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Well, I guess I would like to ask for a bit more control over sizing then. I would like to be able to set the exact size for a gallery, the images, show thumbnails yes/no, show caption yes/no. That would avoid all of these sizing issues I think...Maybe that can be in a future version.


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Hi, I just can't seem to get the gallery viewer to "shrink" to be 1024 x 625 exactly. It keeps adding a lot of space top and bottom. I've tried to turn off everything except the pictures...any suggestions welcome... The other pages don't seem to have this issue, only the home page, which is designed as a simpleviewer page.




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I'd just like the site to come up "regular" (full site) version on all devices. Thanks.


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RE: cols...I think I may have not explained it properly. I'm willing to let the tool/site (CSS) set the two cols and their width. However, I'd like to dictate "where" in my content (length) the first column ends. So the content thereafter would start at the top of the page again in the 2nd col.

The tool (or maybe browser/CSS) currently attempts to "guess" about 1/2 of the content and splits it (randomly) there into first and 2nd col.

RE: bolding...I'm using the editor in normal mode (in this case), and it's inserting <strong></strong> tags which should work also I believe? They don't render strong however. The <b> tags do work. I would suggest the CSS should be updated to honor strong tags also since the editor is using them.


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Is there a way, when site is in 2 column layout, to put a "marker" somewhere in the body content which indicates where the column split should go? Right now, I have to add random new blank lines to "try" to coax it to match up the output to be aligned into two cols like I want, but it breaks depending on how the browser shows it.

Also, I've used bolded text in the content via editor on page, and the site ignores the bold when showing the content.


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I resized my images to 1024x768 and it seems to work nicely that way...thx


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Thanks. Everything suggested worked fine except one. I decided not to mod the code/home page, I'll leave it as is, because I'm sure I'd forget and overwrite it by tool created output :)

I did add the custom.css code, but the gallery pages still have a lot of spacing around them. I'm not sure that CSS took?

This is a very nice tool, which seems simple, but is actually quite powerful.

Any further suggestions on the gallery spacing would be welcome.


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Well, I removed the <a> links from the images for now...explicit style didn't remove underlines. The images are still vertically offset a few px, but I can't see any reason causing it.


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Well, i'm sort of working around the fixed cols issue, now the home page has 2 cols like the rest (not ideal)...but now there are some other minor (CSS related?) issues?

* the two column images are offset vertically by a couple pixels. Have no idea why.
* How can I remove the <a> underline style from the images (which I linked to galleries)? I again applied border-style: none to them, but that didn't work.



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* Allow cols to be set by page, not just sitewide.
* Allow home page to "not" have to be in upper nav. it's redundant, as site logo usually always goes back to home page by custom
* Add support for email forms (prob simple php coding, which is on nearly every server)
* Don't force table borders by default.


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The other thing I'd like to change is all the padding around the gallery viewer on the gallery pages. There is a lot of margin that i'd like to get rid of...i'll try to change some of the advanced/pro settings, but any advice is welcome. Thanks.


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Hi, I need a "custom" home page "type"...but there is not one at present. I've tried to use a gallery page for the home (not quite suitable) and a basic page for the home (would work, but col settings are taking control). The basic page would work IF column settings were set by page, not by sitewide. Is there any way to over-write col settings so the "image" on my homepage basic page would be the proper size?

You can see it here: tlphoto dot com

any suggestions appreciated. Thx.