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I reverted to PHP 8.0 but nothing changed.


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1) Have not tried this yet as my ISP would need to do this.

2) I switched to Basic Upload and uploaded a small file successfully and got a green triangle. I then clicked the Images tab to delete the test image, but no images were listed.

3) I ran the compatibility test successfully just before I installed Showkase

4) I switched to debug mode but the Status still just says HTTP error. when I hover over the yellow triangle.

5) I tried setting resizing to default but this did not make any difference.

Will ask if my ISP can revert to PHP 8.0.


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I tried the fix to thumbnails.php mentioned elsewhere on this forum and still get a yellow triangle and "HTTP error" when I try to upload a single file.


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FYI, the site is using PHP 8.1.17


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I recently installed Showkase on my web site and was working through the Getting Started instructions. When I went to Upload some images, the upload failed and my web site became blocked. I contacted the ISP and they said it was probably an attempt to FTP to the site with incorrect password or other credentials. I don't see anything in Showkase that lets you configure the FTP settings -- for example, the site uses the SFTP protocol. The ISP unblocked the site which is now working again, but I now need some way to upload photos to Showkase.