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Hello there..

after a few mails with the support - they asked me to write something about my problem in the feature-reqest-page..

It would be realy great if you can add a "high-resolution" HTML5 Upload-option..

my problem is the following..

i take picutres in Raw..convert them via lightroom to some good quality jpg's and want to share them with the world through my showkase-page..when i upload them through the html5 (or java) upload-gui - they get resized and reduced massive in quality (also when i disable the resize option..)
the only possibility to upload the pictures in the original quality is via the basic uploader..but one by one..no multiple select or something..

hope you can help me and fix this in a further release..maybe the plupload-module have some hidden settings?..or you can realize a multi-selection basic upload?..

thanks alot and best regards from switzerland..