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Let me start by saying this program is pretty great!  Once I got through the technical hurdles of getting it to play nice with my hosting, the ease of the UI has been a dream.  There are a few things I would really love to see or if you can give me the code I would need to insert etc, that would be great. 

-  The ability to upload custom thumbnails.   -as an artist, I really would like to create custom thumbnails for galleries rather than the auto thumbnails it generates that don't look quite how I would like.  I tried simply copying over ftp a custom .jpg and editing the link in the .html but it for some reason caused some errors and the page got messed up.    But being able to do all that in the showkase program UI would be great, so I could just upload custom thumbnails and assign the links etc...in a gallery page.

-  Being able to set up Mouseover/mouseout  events.   I would love in the case of a list gallery being able to have mouseover on the images in the list, just simple image swaps on mouseover.

- being able to nest galleries inside of other galleries.   (but this one is a minor request)

That's all I Can think of for now.   This is really a great package you've put out, and I hope to see it update and grow and become even more robust over time.