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Definitely one of the coolest image browsers out there.  Great Work!!

I've noticed on "list viewer gallery"
when you scroll down to an image that you like, then turn the mobile device to landscape mode, it loses your place in the images. Is there an option that works to keep it on the same image?

Here is a website that uses a similar list viewer gallery:
On this site. when you turn the mobile device into landscape mode, it stays on the image. This works whether in portrait (holding mobile device upright), or landscape (holding mobile device sideways).

Its not a huge deal, but if you have come across this when designing it, it would be cool to get it working.



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My site was redirected to another site.  I had a few files that were there to begin with when I purchased my doman name. During that time I could login to showkase and everything looked to be ok.. but going back to the main page it was redirected to some "We are watching you" site. Wild!

Anyway.. they backed up my website and Ive gone in and have started over.. I just downloaded the new version of showkase and Im waiting on the server to update to I can get back to editing my showkase.

I definitely will have to create a super tough password, which is first thing on my list.

Thank you for the feeback and advice


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Im using showkase.net, and have uploaded the files to my host.. Recently it was hacked.. Has anyone run into this before? Im using showkase right out of the box.. Is there a firewall or default thing I need to install before using, or one that will work with Showkase?? 

Thank you